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Vestel 11AK36
Manufacturer Vestel
Type Consumer
Size 14"
Regions PAL, others depending on sub-model
240p/480i Yes
480p No
Vsync 50/60 Hz
Widescreen Underscan preset (adjustable)
RF 1x rear (Belling-Lee 75 Ω)
Composite 1x rear (SCART), optional 1x RCA front or back
Component 1x rear RGBS (SCART, shared with composite)
Audio Input 1x rear (SCART), optional 1x RCA front or back
Firmware B010
Earliest Date 2001
Chassis 11AK36
Remote Vestel 2040
Service Manual Media:Vestel 11ak36.pdf

The Vestel 11AK36 is a typical inexpensive European mid-2000s TV. While the Vestel brand was (and still is) unknown to most outside the trade or the Turkish domestic market, it was rebranded by a lot of minor/sellout/store brands including Kennex (Coop), Silvercrest (Lidl), Inno-Hit, Roadstar, BlueSky, Sharp 14LT45C, Alba/Bush, etc.

Despite all of that, it is a solid performer, with a fair amount of configurability for its class (a mono, small screen model without east/west correction), partially thanks to the use of a higher-end video processor (STV2248) as well to the quality of the official firmware; most notably it allows for solving the common issue of CVBS and RGB pictures being displaced horizontally due to differences in processing time.

It generally uses a Daewoo-Orion A34JLL?????X tube.

Flyback (some variants only?) Eldor 1142.5111 = Orega 40337-63 = Diemen HR7950


Mono or dual mono.

With or without RCA inputs.

4 or 5 buttons. (On the former, pressing both volume buttons acts as the 5th menu/back button, allowing for most features except teletext/source selection/channel management to be used)


User: brightness, contrast, saturation (even for RGB!), sharpness, aspect ratio, volume, AVL, sleep timer, front panel button lock, language, RF system, channel autostore/manual search/deletion/naming/skipping

Service: OSD horizontal position, RGB input horizontal position, vertical linearity, centering for both 50 and 60 Hz modes, vertical size for all combinations of 50/60 Hz and 4:3/16:9, R/G/B drive, R/G background, etc.

Internal: Focus (G4), Screen (G2), power supply voltage (B+)


An RCA input can be added if not factory installed.

A second SCART input (CVBS/S-video only) is theoretically supported, however additional switching hardware would have to be fitted and it is not clear from the schematic whether it can actually be driven by the CPU.

An internal inverter card for 12 V operation was theoretically available but is undocumented and apparently not fitted in any known unit.