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The screen lens can be replaced on a Game Boy shell , such as whenever installing an IPS/TFT kit that is larger than the factory display. When purchasing an IPS kit it can come with its own screen lens but if it doesn't, or if you want a different color, there are options for replacements.

Game Boy Advance (AGB)

Where to buy:

BoxyPixel (BoxyPixel IPS glass lens)

BoxyPixel (unbranded replacement lens)

HandHeldLegend (HandHeldLegend IPS tempered glass lens)

HandHeldLegend (HandHeldLegend replacement glass lens)

HandHeldLegend (HandHeldLegend replacement tempered glass lens)

HandHeldLegend (unbranded replacement lens)

HandHeldLegend (unbranded glass lens, only fits Cloud Game Store IPS screen)

RetroGameRepairShop (FunnyPlaying IPS glass lens)

RetroGameRepairShop (FunnyPlaying IPS colored logo glass lens)

RetroGameRepairShop (FunnyPlaying ITA/TFT glass lens)

RetroGameRepairShop (unbranded holographic colored lens)

RetroGameRepairShop (unbranded holographic replacement glass lens)

RetroGameRepairShop (unbranded replacement glass lens)

RetroModding (RetroModding replacement lens)

RetroModding (RetroModding IPS lens)

Game Boy Advance SP (AGS 001/101)

Where to buy:

RetroGameRepairShop (unbranded replacement lens)