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General Information

Technical Information

  • Model Differences
  • Connector Pinouts
  • Region Information

General Mods

  • USB-C Power Mod
  • Micro USB Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • Helder's Game Tech GBA Power Cleaner
  • Helder's Game Tech GBA Flex Amp
  • Anton Veretenenko's GBAmp
  • Voltage Regulator Board Upgrade
  • Funny Playing Super Clear Speaker
  • GBAccelerator (Overclock)


Video Mods

  • Video Output Notes
  • Funny Playing IPS LCD
  • Generic IPS LCD with Composite Out
  • GBA Consolizer

Repair Guides



Flash Carts

  • EverDrive-GBA
  • EZ Flash IV / Omega
  • Other Flash Carts

Replacement Parts

  • Capacitor Kit
  • Replacement Shell
  • Replacement Speaker
  • Cartridge Connector
  • Replacement Battery Contacts
  • LCD Screen