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This is a tutorial for how to create a ICON1.PAM video file for use with RetroXMB Creator or for adding it straight to an installed application. The video clip must be:

  • In AVI or M2V format
  • 1920x1080 resolution
  • Encoded with one of the following codecs: YUY2, UYVY, RGB24, Huff-YUV or DV-AVI (type1/type2). You can check this below.

Creating an ICON1

  1. Download PAMF Tools and install PAMFTools.msi. If it gives you an error when you try and install it, install both of the accompanying files and try again.
  2. Open PS3StreamComposer and select New in the top left. On the "Create New Setting" window that pops up, enter a name for your clip and project and select Next. Accept the default settings and select "Finish".
  3. Select Video Source in the top middle, then select "Open..." and choose your video file. This file must be AVI or M2V format.
  4. Click the newly imported clip and look in the bottom right corner for the codec and ensure it is YUY2, UYVY, RGB24, Huff-YUV or DV-AVI (type1/type2).
  5. Select OK and click Filter Settings in the top middle of the window. Select the "Setting..." button and under the size section apply the following and select Update and OK:
    • Width: 320
    • Height: 176
    • Black Bottom: 0
  6. Select OK to exit the Filter Settings, and select Video Enc in the top right. Ensure the settings match the following:
    • Codec: AVC
    • Encode Mode: High Quality
    • Profile: Main
    • Level: 2.1
    • Average Bitrate: 2000Kbps
    • Peak Bitrate: 4000Kbps
    • Multipass Mode: 2PassVBR
    • Encode every... (checked)
  7. Select "Advance..." and ensure the settings match the following:
    • M (I/P frame duration): 2 (Adaptive)
    • Entropy Coding: CAVLC
    • Multi Slice: 1
    • MBRC: OFF
    • Trailing Supression: Off
    • All checkboxes unchecked
  8. Select OK to exit the Video Enc settings and select Run in the top left of the window and click Create EP Map to toggle it on.
  9. Select Run again and choose "Encode + Multipex + PAMF compose". It will generate a .PAM file located in your Documents folder (C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\Documents\PLAYSTATION(R)3 Stream Composer\MuxWork\PROJECT_NAME\CLIP_NAME\)
  10. Test the .PAM video using the PS3StreamViewer icon to see the result. If it is acceptable, you can use it with RetroXMB or directly add it to an installed game in the game's directory (.../game/BLUS12345/).
    • Check the resulting file size of the ICON1.PAM. If it is above 2.4MB (after being added to SND0.AT3 if you are using it), you will need to shorten your clip or go back and lower the average and peak bitrate in the Video Enc settings.