PS3:Transferring Files with FTP

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Files can be transferred to and from your PS3 using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) programs. If you have WebMan enabled, an FTP server will always be running in the background, otherwise you can just open Multiman and it will be running as long as you are in the app. The recommended FTP program is WinSCP followed by FileZilla, and a step-by-step tutorial for it can be found here for WinSCP, or here for FileZilla.

Note that FTP is only recommended for transferring small files because it seems to have a higher failure rate with large files (1GB+) that take hours to transfer, if you must transfer large games, it is recommended against using 'jb folder format' as the many small files can cause the PS3 to drop-connection and/or freeze, consider using ISO or pkg instead.

A common misconception is that FTP requires an internet connection, when in reality it only requires a network connection between host and client.

Connecting PS3 directly to PC over ethernet

  1. Connect the ethernet port on the PS3 with the ethernet port on your PC.
  2. On the PS3, navigate to 'Network Settings' > 'Internet Connection Settings' and select 'Custom' > 'Wired Connection' > 'Auto-Detect'.
  3. Select 'Manual' IP Address Settings and enter the following:
    • for the IP Address,
    • for Subnet Mask,
    • for Default Router,
    • values for the Primary and Secondary DNS do not matter and can be left for example as and
  4. Select 'Automatic' MTU > 'Do Not Use' Proxy Server > 'Enable' UPnP.
  5. Press cross to save the settings and circle to exit the setup screen


  1. On your PC, press start and open 'View Network Connections'.
  2. Right-click on the Ethernet unidentified network and select 'Properties'.
  3. Locate and click 'Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)', select 'Properties'.
  4. Select 'Use the following IP address' and enter the following:
    • for 'IP address',
    • for 'Subnet mask',
    • leave the Default gateway empty, and if prompted, enter for Preferred DNS server.
  5. Press the 'OK' button and close ethernet properties.

Your PS3 and PC have now formed a local network, and should now be able to communicate over FTP.

Starting an FTP Session

  1. Make sure you have either an Ethernet or WiFi connection between your PS3 and PC.
  2. On your PS3, browse to "Network Settings" and test Internet connection. Make note of your PS3's IP address. Alternatively, you can set a static IP for your PS3 and use that.
  3. Open an FTP program such as WinSCP or Filezilla and connect using your PS3's IP.
  4. You should see a directory listing of the different partitions on the drive and USB devices.
    • /dev_hdd0/ is your hard drive's main directory
    • /dev_usb00#/ is a USB device
    • /dev_blind/ or /dev_rebug/ is your flash - Do not modify files here unless you know what you're doing
  5. You can upload or download files by right clicking them and choosing the relevant option.

Alternatively, you can open a Windows Explorer window and type in as the file path.