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  • A jailbreak for PS4 will likely never be released on the latest firmware. Most jailbreak developers try to avoid ruining the online experience for other people by enabling cheating online and also prevent people from getting their consoles or accounts banned. Below you can find quick info on what firmware you should be on before attempting anything:
    • Latest firmware (unexploited): 11.50
    • Latest exploited firmware (can be jailbroken with HEN): 11.00 (and everything lower)
  • At this time, you can only downgrade ("firmware revert") your PS4 if you had previously backed up your sflash, syscon, and HDD from a previous firmware version. If you are on an unexploited firmware, you can either either hold off on updating your console until your current firmware may be exploited or you can buy a console on a lower firmware.
  • Since you cannot log into PSN with a firmware older than the latest version, you cannot get banned.