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The Wii Mini being different in terms of hardware and also software requires that the way to install Custom IOS being different than that of other Wiis. This is still experimental but there have been no functionality issues thus yet. We will be using Leseratte’s d2xl cIOS installer in order to install cIOS.


  • A Wii Mini with the Homebrew Channel installed. (Learn how to do this here.)
  • A USB Drive


  1. Extract the d2xl cIOS Installer folder onto the apps folder of your USB Drive, you can just create an apps folder if one doesn't exist.
  2. Insert the USB Drive into your Wii and load d2xl cIOS installer from the homebrew channel.
  3. Press continue, then set these options:
  • Select cIOS: d2xl-v1-beta2
  • Select cIOS base: 57
  • Select cIOS slot: 249
Exclamation-circle-fill.svgThe version number IOS57-64 ending in either 31776 or 31775 should be noted down in case an error occurs and we need to change it.

  1. Press A to begin installing cIOS, this is the only one we need to install so it shouldn't take too long.
  2. If successful, exit the installer. Congrats, you have successfully installed cIOS and can now use a USB loader or re-enable ethernet adapter support.
  • If it failed with "TMD version mismatch", change the Select cIOS base option until the version number is different than the one you tried before, the cIOS should stay 57 regardless.


Wii Guide for a link to the installer

Leseratte for creating the installer