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The Nintendo Wii is a console from the seventh generation of video game consoles. The console was launched in North America on November 19, 2006 followed by Japan (December 2, 2006) and Europe (December 8, 2006). A "Family Edition" model without the GameCube controller and memory card ports was released, later followed by the Wii Mini which was a budget model that only offered composite output and lacks 480p output. This page also covers vWii for the Wii U.

General Information

Technical Information

General Mods


Video Mods

  • Video Output Notes
  • WiiDual (HDMI + Component)
  • Wii HDMI
  • Wii VGA Mod

Repair Information

Wii Mini Specific




  • Homebrew Channel
  • Open Shop Channel
  • Nintendont
  • Emulators
  • USB Loader GX
  • Wiiflow Lite


  • BootMii
  • FTPii
  • GameCube Memory Manager (GCMM)
  • Riivolution
  • Visual Controller Test
  • Priiloader


  • ComixChannel
  • WiiMC
  • WiiRadio



Optical Drive Emulators (ODEs)

  • WASP Fusion
  • WiiKey Fusion
  • Wii Optical Drive Emulator (WODE)


  • Wii2HDMI
  • Replacement Power Supplies
  • Controller Adapters
  • Repair Tools
  • Capacitor Kit