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3DS Controller is an homebrew application that allows you to use your 3DS as a controller for different emulators

Required Items

  • Make sure you have Custom Firmware (CFW) installed.
  • Have downloaded the latest release from here
  • Have a Windows based PC
  • Downloaded this version of vJoy from here

Installing 3DSController

Installing vJoy

  1. Launch the vJoy_205_050515.exe.
  2. Click 'Yes on the popup.
  3. On the setup screen click Next >.
  4. On the Select Components screen click Next >.
  5. On the Ready to Install click the Install button.
  6. Wait for it to finish
  7. Click OK on the vJoy installed successfully message.
  8. Reboot your PC.

Using the 3DS as a controller

  1. Once your PC is rebooted go to Settings on your PC.
  2. Go to Network & Internet and click on it.
  3. Click on the Properties tab.
  4. Scroll down till you see IPv4 address:.
    • In example mine showed
  5. Write down the IPv4 address.
  6. Now Open the 3DSController folder you downloaded from here.
  7. Extract the 3DSfolder and the PC to somewhere you will remember.
  8. In the 3DS folder double click on the 3DSController.ini file.
  9. Change the IP: to the one you wrote down earlier.
  10. Save the file.
  11. Transfer that file to the root of your SD card.
  12. Open the PC folder on your PC.
  13. Double click on 3DSController.exe.
    • A command window will pop up
  14. Power on your 3DS.
  15. Run 3DSController application.
  16. The command window will eventually show 3DS connected.
    • If it does not try another reboot of your PC
  17. Open notepad.
  18. Test a few buttons.
  19. They should show up as different letters and numbers on the document.
  20. Now you can use your 3DS as a controller for different games or Emulators