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TWPatcher is a TWL_FIRM patcher to allow filters to upscale DS games.

Required Items

Installing TWPatcher

  1. Install TWPatch.cia manually or by using Universal Updater.
  2. Go back to the Home Screen and open the gift.
  3. Launch the TWPatcher app.
  4. Inside you will find several different scale list. Scroll through the list till you find one that looks the best to you.
  5. Hold Start to begin patching. It will take a very long time.
  6. Exit the application.
  7. Launch your DS Game.

Enjoy the new upscaling

Advanced Options

  • Hold Y + B this will give several options:
    • Invert Start + Select function: This will force it to downscale instead of upscale the screen
    • Redshift: This will apply a red filter to make the screen appear orange which will put less strain on your eyes when gaming at night.
    • GPU Scaling: It will make the screen appear blurry and have no filters applied.
    • Fully unlocked DPAD Directions: This will allow Up + Down or Left + Right to be pressed at the same time.