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Note All images and pages listed here are imported from RetroRGB with explicit permission from Bob.


RetroRGB is migrating their guide pages over to the ConsoleMods wiki in order to put them in the hands of the community to keep them more up-to-date. They have been imported along with all of their embedded images and are listed below, but they definitely need a bit of fixing up to be consistent with the rest of the wiki.

If you came here to help fix these pages, thank you! Below are some recommendations to keep in mind as you go along.

  • See the "How to edit" page in the sidebar for a basic walkthrough of how to edit wiki pages.
  • If you find a page you want to fix:
    1. Update the page as needed to fit the wiki. If any information is outdated or incorrect, feel free to fix it.
    2. Try to make the page fit the format / flow of the rest of the wiki. an example page is provided here.
    3. Convert any numbered lists (1. 2. 3.) into automatically numbered lists (#). This will enable the site feature to check off steps as they are completed.
    4. Try and change all first-person language (I, we, my) to third person or remove the personal stories if it's not necessary.
    5. Strip out all affiliate and short links (,, as ConsoleMods is affiliate-link free.
    6. When finished with the page, either drop a message in the #retrorgb-migration page of the Discord and move the page to the correct namespace (e.g. SNES:) with a suitable name.
    7. Link the moved page on the relevant console wiki's landing page.

Only the pages below need to be edited, the images will remain here. Some pages that may be dealt with in the future can be found on this page.

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