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Exclamation-triangle-fill.svgLithium batteries used in the batteries below should be used with caution. Batteries should never be punctured or cut, and if a scenario arises like that then they should immediately stop being used and disposed of properly.

Game Boy Advance

The Game Boy Advance has lithium battery pack mods that can be dropped into the battery compartment without any soldering, allowing you to power the Game Boy without relying on AA batteries. For OEM/stock shells, the battery compartment will need to be modified to trim off the plastic separator sitting in the middle. Pre-modded IPS shells usually already have this trimmed but not all of them do. A cut-out for the USB port will also need to be made on the battery cover, unless one is purchased pre-cut.

Note that the battery run-time using a battery pack mod will likely be lower than that of rechargeable nickel-metal hydride batteries (Ni-MH).

Exclamation-triangle-fill.svgNot all of these mods support play and charge meaning you cannot have the Game Boy Advance powered on while it is also charging the battery. These mods utilize the TP4056 charging module which does not support load sharing (though it can be added). The TP4056 can get very hot during charging as well, and it is sitting on top of the battery. Be responsible to take note of any temperature concerns during charging and to not play and charge if the board doesn't support it.

Battery mods
Battery Play and Charge Capacity USB Type
CleanJuice Yes 1500 mAH USB-C
HelderGameTech No 1400 mAh USB-C
RetroGameRepairShop (Generic) No 1500 mAh USB-C
RetroModding Yes 1700 mAh USB-C
RetroModding Yes 1700 mAh Micro USB

Game Boy Advance SP

The Game Boy Advance SP already includes a rechargeable battery that can be replaced by unscrewing the battery cover on the back of the SP, removing the current battery, and dropping a new one in. Mahko's battery is the only one that requires soldering as the battery needs to be connected to the battery terminal board which then connects to the SP terminals.

Battery Capacity Soldering required?
Mahko 950 mAh Yes
HelderGameTech 800 mAh No
RetroGameRepairShop (Generic) Variable, atleast 700 mAh No
RetroModding 900 mAh No
RetroModding (Generic) Variable, ~350 mAh No