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One option for RGB output on an Intellivision is to use the Yannick RGB board. Note that you will need to either cut a hole in the case or remove the RF port completely to be able to access the video port you wish to install. Audio output is also mono, so you may wish to bridge two pins of the output jack or to add extra RCA jacks to be able to send audio to two speakers.

Ivory Tower Collections created a great installation guide as well the below video demonstrating the installation of the board with some extra information.

V2.0 Sync Issues Fix

Version 2.0 of the board was created to fix sync issues with some NTSC TVs. However, in some cases after installing the Yannick RGB mod, you may see that a top portion of the screen is misaligned or "flagging" as shown in the image below.

Yannick RGB Sync Flagging.png

If this is the case with your install, you can fix this by cutting a trace and bridging one side of the trace to ground on the bottom of the RGB board as described below, which effectively turns it into a version 1.0 board.

  1. Cut the trace marked with red on the bottom side:
    Yannick RGB Sync Correction 1.jpg
  2. Scratch the solder mask to reveal copper on both the trace and the ground plane:
    Yannick RGB Sync Correction 2.jpg
  3. Put a solder blob across the trace and ground plane to connect them:
    Yannick RGB Sync Correction 3.jpg