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If you encounter any issues with your PS3, the solution may be here! Specific error codes can be found on this page in the PS3 devwiki. If you are having an issue with a specific application, try checking the wiki page for the application and seeing if there's a troubleshooting section.

You received a specific error code

See this page in the PS3 devwiki for a list of error codes and what they mean.

Game not Working on External

A very small amount of games do not work on external. Specifically, heavy loading games such as Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto V, or The Last of Us are prone to having major issues due to USB 2.0 providing slow transfer speeds. First, try the BD-EMU or mirror options in Multiman game settings. If those don't work, try the game on internal and see if it will work.

  • Note that PS2 games do not work from external hard drives

Game not Working on Internal

Check the game for split files using Multiman by hovering over the game, pressing Triangle, then "Test Game". If there are split files, you will need to find them in the game files by using Multiman's file manager and merge them by "cutting" them to another directory. You can also use ManaGunZ to "Check Files" on the game to see if all of the files are present and valid. If your copy is corrupted, you will need to get a new copy or try ripping it again. If you are on DEX, try converting to CEX and see if it works.

  • If PS2 games aren't working, make sure you don't have a folder labelled "PS2ISO" on your flash drive. You may also want to try enabling Cobra and/or updating Webman.
  • The following games must be in ISO format in order to work correctly:
    • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
    • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
    • Call of Duty: Ghosts
    • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
    • Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection
  • Additionally, there are compatibility lists for other systems: PS2, PS1, PSP

Game Shows only as an Install Disc

If the game will only show as an install disc, and doesn't show an option to launch the game, try renaming it's "PS3_EXTRA" folder in the game files and try mounting again.

Saves or Trophies won't appear after copying your /home/<user> folder

You need to boot into Safe Mode and run "Rebuild Database" for them to appear.

System will not power on after reassembling console (possibly after a flash)

If the system powered on before you reassembled it, it may have been an error in the reassembly process. Take it apart and reassemble it again, checking that every screw and cable is in it's correct place.

Custom game covers not showing up in Webman/Multiman

  • If you made game covers for games, you will need to make sure that the files are:
    • In JPG format
    • Named "MyGame.jpg" if the ISO is named "MyGame.iso"
    • Less than or equal to 200px by 200px
    • Not created with the "optimize" or "progressive" checkboxes selected in GIMP

Black screen when launching homebrew/apps

Generally, this indicates that your Bluray daughter board is broken or unplugged. Try installing a No-BD version firmware or press the eject button on your console when it is at the black screen.

Black screen when turning on the console

If you set the wrong video settings, you can reset the video settings by powering off the console, then holding the power button until it turns itself off. A video demonstration of this can be found on MrMario2011's channel.

Hard Drive will not boot after plugging it into a Windows PC

Windows may have automatically overwritten the boot sector of the hard drive. You can try fixing this following the guide on the boot sector recovery page.

Game doesn't work after installing game update

Some games have an odd quirk where after installing game updates, it will give you a black screen after the intro videos. This can be fixed by converting the game to an ISO using Multiman's file manager and pressing Circle on the game folder.

Can't run PSX or PS2 ".ecm" files

You need to convert .ecm files into ISOs or BINs. UnECM can convert .ecm files.

Stuck on a Firmware

If you try to update your firmware and it will not allow you to install it, ensure that System Update Debug Mode is on. This can be done by selecting "Toggle QA Flag" in Rebug Toolbox, then navigating to Settings and hovering over Network Settings and pressing L1+L2+L3+R1+R2+DPAD-down and go to Debug Settings → System Update Debug and enable it. If that doesn't work, try:

  • Updating via Recovery
  • Running options 3 and 4 in recovery (Restore File System and Rebuild Database), then trying to update
  • If the above option freezes your system, you will need to quick format your hard drive with a PC and then insert it back into your PS3. If you backed up your EID_Root_Key, you can get your data off of the hard drive using a PS3 HDD Reader program
  • If the above option does not work, do a full format with a PC or use a formatting tool to write all zeroes to the drive, and then try again

Red Screen of Death (RSOD)

The RSOD issue is more common in systems with Samsung branded NOR chips, but can happen to any system with age. RSOD can be bypassed by updating it to a RSOD-bypass-patched CFW (which can be made using MFW Builder). While there are "RSOD Fix" PKGs, the fix will not work permanently if the fault is in the hardware, and therefore the entire flash chip will need to be replaced with a newer model and flashed with an old backup.

Freezing on XMB

Try navigating to Settings → System Settings → Display [What's New], and turn it off. This will disable the "What's New" feed from the XMB, which causes freezing issues on some PS3s. If that doesn't resolve it after a reboot, check your system temperatures when idle. If Webman is installed, you can do this by pressing Start+Select on the XMB or in-game XMB, or you can check it in Multiman. Your PS3 should fall at or below these temperature ranges:

  • Fat: 60-70°C idle / 65-75°C PS3 game / 70-80°C PS2 game
  • Slim: 55-65°C / 65-70°C PS3 game / 70-75°C PS2 game

If your system is above these temperatures, try replacing your thermal paste and/or changing your fan settings with Webman.

Force Ejecting Disc

If you have issues with a disc stuck in your console, you can try holding the Eject button for 15 seconds to see if it will force eject the disc.

If you have a PS3 Slim, there's a black tab underneath the console near the front side, remove it and you should see a blue screw and a hole. Stick a Phillips head screwdriver down that hole and turn the screwdriver in a counterclockwise direction to manually remove the disc. You can also try holding the eject button down and flipping the power switch on the back to on if you have a Fat, or plugging the power in on a Slim/Super Slim. This will turn the console on and run the fans at max speed, and it should eject the disc.

LED flashes yellow before flashing red on boot up; Console does not work otherwise

Commonly known as the Yellow Light of Death, this error was at once known to be caused by a failure in the NEC/TOKEN capacitors near the CPU, but now we know it can be caused by anything. You can try following this guide to diagnose the issue (Note: The guide assumes your computer is running a linux distro) and if you decide to replace the NEC/TOKEN capacitors, this guide should be of use to you.

The YLOD error is not a single solution problem as this video explains, and because of this, it is recommended to use the syscon diagnosis linked above before attempting a repair.

LED Shows Yellow when Booting Up, but works fine

If your LED shows yellow when booting up, but otherwise works fine; this is normal for some PS3s. Cobra and/or Webman will do this as it searches for USB/network storage and updates your games list.

Black Screen when Plugging in a Vita

Check that you don't have any corrupt installed packages or bubbles. If you do, delete them, and you should be able to plug in your Vita without getting a black screen.

System freezing or timeouts while using FTP

Try changing settings on your FTP client to use only one connection at a time, and try changing between "active" and "passive" transfer modes. Also check your PS3 HDD for bad sectors, as this will cause issues.

PS1 Games Show Black Screen

If your game is a 1:1 rip, it will need to have ppf patches applied to remove anti-piracy measures.

Can see WiFi network but can't connect

Check that your router is set to broadcast 802.11 B or G. The PS3 can see 802.11 N networks, but cannot connect to them.