PS3:Optical Drive Emulators (ODEs)

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An Optical Drive Emulator is a device that allows you to run game backups and homebrew on a PS3, without requiring a jailbroken console or Custom Firmware (CFW). Depending on the brand, it may support more models than CFW, and may run on the latest OFW. It is recommended to get a Cobra ODE if your console is not compatible with CFW, as the other ODE's are no longer supported. If an ODE is not listed here, such as the Stone ODE, it is a clone of the E3 PRO ODE and it is recommended to avoid them.

  • PS3HEN is a software alternative to using an ODE to run game backups

Cobra ODE

  • Max supported firmware: 4.53 | 4.82 (or later?) with swap-disk method


  • Max supported firmware: 4.53 | 4.55 with swap-disk method


  • Max supported firmware: 4.53 | 4.66 with swap-disk method