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A Cobra Optical Drive Emulator (ODE) is a hardware device that allows you to run game backups and homebrew on a PS3, without requiring a jailbroken console or Custom Firmware (CFW). These tutorials are for the Cobra ODE only, not Cobra-based firmwares. Most questions can be answered by looking at the official Cobra ODE User Manual. As of July 2017, firmwares up to OFW 4.53 are supported regularly, and firmwares up to 4.81 are supported with the Swap-Disc method and a swap disc switch installed (later firmwares may work, but are unreported).


Follow the installation guide for your model found on Cobra's website. Ensure that your system is compatible before-hand.

Swap-Disc Method for OFW 4.81

If your console is beyond OFW 4.66, you will need to use the swap-disc method to use your device. An in-depth tutorial can be found in the Swap-Disc manual.

Installing Multiman 4.50.1

  1. Download the Multiman 4.50.1 ISOs.
  2. Move both of the Multiman ISO files to your games directory on your Cobra storage device.
  3. On the XMB, navigate to the game category and select the "Game Data Utility" and delete the "multiMAN (DEX)" data if present.
  4. Mount the "multiMAN v4.46.iso" with your Cobra and run it, accepting the three license agreements and allowing Multiman to install.
  5. Scroll over to the Settings category in Multiman, and down to theme audio, and set it to disable. This step is necessary and not doing so will prevent Multiman from starting up for some users.
  6. Exit Multiman, then mount the "multiMAN v4.50.01.iso" and run it, it should install HDD content. You can then delete the "multiMAN v4.46.iso" from your Cobra storage device.

Installing Homebrew (Folders)

This tutorial assumes you are wanting to install homebrew or legally obtained game files. Note that some homebrew that need access to locations outside of /dev_hdd0/game/ will not work using this method. You will need Multiman 4.50.1 installed

  1. Ensure that your desired homebrew is in a folder with a name similar to "BLES12345".
  2. With an Internet connection enabled, run Multiman and navigate to Settings → FTP Service, set it on "Enable (No Timeout)" and leave the Multiman open.
  3. With your PS3 and PC connected to the same network, PS3:Transferring Files with FTP the BLUS folder to /dev_hdd0/game/.
    • If you installed a PSN game, you will need to rebuild your PS3's database within the PS3:Safe Mode.

Installing Homebrew (PKG)

This tutorial assumes you are wanting to install homebrew or legally obtained .PKG files.

  1. Install SonicMAN, a fork of Multiman that allows for PKG execution.
  2. Copy the pkg file to your USB stick, and plug it to your PS3.
  3. Select the SonicMAN ODE from the browser, mount, and launch it.
  4. Open the File Manager. Select the dev_usb00X and browse to the PKG. Double click and click OK to unpack the package.
  5. Exit to the XMB. If the game doesn't appear right away, try to eject the disc and mount any PS3 games on the ODE Browser.
  6. You should now be able to launch the pkg directly from the XMB.
    • For DLC, install the latest game update after the DLC to fix issues

Installing Homebrew via ISO (PKG)

Using Install Disc Creator, you can create an ISO with multiple PKGs on it that you can install from your ODE manager.

  1. Install and open Install Disc Creator. Double click on one of the empty fields under the "IDC" pictures and select your PKG from your PC. Repeat the process for all desired PKGs. You can change their respective titles, and add an image to them by double clicking the "IDC" field if desired. When you have finished adding content, select Build ISO in the top left, and choose Cobra.
  2. Put the generated IDC.iso onto your storage media mount it; install each one by selecting the desired package.

PSP Remasters

In order for PSP games to work on a Cobra ODE, they must first be converted to PKG form. This tutorial assumes that you already have a legally backed up version of the desired PSP game.

You will need:

  1. Open PSP2PS3 and drag the ISO file to the filepath and it will automatically process and fix ISO file properly for Conversion. During conversion, it will ask if you want to fix EBOOT, MINIS2, EDAT, etc, select "YES" and it will continue.
  2. Click "Make PKG" and it will start the process. After it is finished, click the black folder icon to see the generated PKG.
  3. Follow the above section "Installing Homebrew (PKG)" for installing the PKG