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Rebug Toolbox is a useful collection of settings that affect the way your PS3 operates. On Rebug firmware, it is built in and can be installed by selecting "Install Packages" and then from "System". For an in-depth explanation of each setting, see their official page.


You can display basic information about your PS3, execute simple reboot/shutdown commands, or boot into OtherOS from here.


This section allows you to:

  • Change between REBUG and Normal mode. REBUG mode sets the PS3 to the latest available version spoof.
  • Swap between CEX QA and DEX ★Debug Settings.
  • Turn on XMB CFW Settings. These are basic commands located in the Network column of the XMB.
  • Turn Cobra and Webman on/off
  • Swap the PS2 emulator between Cobra and Original.

LV1 Patches

Do not touch this section unless you know what you are doing. The most common option is to allow writing to the flash memory in order to change the coldboot startup animation and sound, as well as the PSN logo on the XMB.


This section allows you to convert your PS3 between CEX and DEX. The process to do this can be found here.


This section allows you to:

  • Enable/Disable the QA Flag.
  • Make a backup of your PS3 flash. This can be done by plugging in a USB storage device into the right-most USB port and pressing "Export Flash to File". This can be used to recover your console if something were to happen to the flash.
  • Change your Console ID to unban your console (provided that the IDs you give it are unbanned).
  • Install OtherOS.