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The Phoebe and Rhea are ODEs (Optical Drive Emulator) created by Deunan that allow you to emulate your Saturn's optical disc drive and run Saturn games without using the disc. Both ODEs physically replace the disc drive and therefore original Saturn discs cannot be used with a Phoebe/Rhea installed. Both originally priced at €130 EU, Phoebe and Rhea are functionally the same but each is made to target different models of the Saturn.

Official installation instructions for Rhea can be found here. Official installation instructions for Phoebe can be found here.


  • Allows for the MPEG cartridge slot to be used
  • Boot backups from SD card
  • Faster Loading times
  • RmenuKai is a third-party menu which supports cheat codes, virtual nested folders, and other features.

File Formats Supported

  • CDI
  • CCD/IMG/SUB (Recommended format)
  • ISO (games with no audio tracks and homebrew)

To convert BIN/CUE to CCD/IMG/SUB :

  1. Download cue2ccd
  2. Drag the game's cue file onto cue2ccd.exe and wait for the window to disappear, at which point the CCD/IMG/SUB files have been created.
  3. Inside the folder where the BIN/CUE files are located, find the new disc image in the CCD folder.

This utility is made by Ervilsoft and creates disc images that are identical to the ones made by CloneCD using its "Game CD" profile.


  • The Phoebe is compatible with 21 pin models.
  • The Rhea is compatible with 20 pin models.
  • Compatible with Saturn backup and RAM expansion cartridges.
  • Action Replay and PseudoSaturn Kai.
  • Can run CD+G discs in MDS/MDF and CCD/IMG/SUB/CUE file formats
  • Rhea/Phoebe are the oldest Saturn ODEs. As of 2022 there are zero known game compatibility issues.


  • Firmware updates only provided via direct email with the creator
  • Doesn't support BIN/CUE image format

Firmware Updates

  • Firmware updates are distributed by emailing the creator.
  • Firmware update instructions can be found here.


  • Solid LED light on power up is usually an indication of an incorrect SD card format. Rhea/Phoebe only uses FAT32 format SD cards. ExFAT formatted SD cards will 100% leave the LED light on.
  • Disc drive ribbon cable can occasionally be inserted backwards or incorrectly. Usually on Saturn dashboard screen, one or two of the floating orbs will be enlarged and red if this happens and ODE won't load. Make sure the ribbon cable is inserted properly.


  • Ordering process is non-standard as it isn't a web store. You must subscribe to the WordPress blog and watch for updates when Deunan will have an order window for the specific ODE you need.
  • A strategy that works to secure one is: Once you know a date and time for an order window just set a reminder or alarm 5 minutes prior to the order window time. Just fill-in your information and you'll get an email 2-3 days later for instructions.

Other Saturn ODE Options