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Wii Multi A/V Connector Pinout

MODE pins: On PAL systems the default output is RGB + composite, on NTSC the default is S-video + composite. With pins 8 and 10 shorted, systems from both territories will switch to component video.

Pins 14, 15 and 16 are used by the Japanese D-Terminal cable. They are confirmed non-functional on PAL consoles.

Wii AV.svg
Pin # Name Description Pin # Name Description
1 AL Audio Left 2 AR Audio Right
3 VC Video Composite 4 PWR +5v
5 GND Video Composite Ground 6 GND Audio Ground
7 R / Luma/ Y Red (PAL), Luma (NTSC), Analog Component Y 8 Mode Mode select. If shorted with Pin 10, Pin 7, 9 and 11 will output YPbPr (Analog Component)
9 G / Chroma / Pb Green (PAL), Chroma (NTSC), Analog Component Pb 10 Mode Mode select. If shorted with Pin 8, pin 7, 9 and 11 will output YPbPr (Analog Component)
11 B / Pr Blue (PAL), Analog Component Pr 12 GND RGB Ground
13 PWR +12v 14 DATA Data Line 1 (Used to change number of lines)
15 DATA Data Line 2 (used to change from interlaced to progressive) 16 DATA Data Line 3 (Used to change from 4:3 to letterbox and 16:9)

Data Line 1: 0V = 525 lines (default) ; 2.2V = 750 lines ; 5V = 1125 lines

Data Line 2: 0V = 59.94i / 60i ; 5V = 59.94p / 60p

Data Line 3: 0V = 4:3 ; 2.2V = 4:3 letterbox ; 5V = 16:9

Wii Other Connector Pinouts

The Wii has a connector for the Wii Sensor bar. The sensor bar is simply 6 IR LEDs, which allow the wiimote to track and use them as a reference. The connector nominally outputs 12v, but the power supply circuitry makes it drop to around 7-7.5v under load.

Wii sensor bar.jpg
Pin # Name
1 Ground
2 Power

The Wii also has an expansion port on the Wiimotes for peripherals, including the Nunchuk, the Wii Motion Plus addon, and several classic controllers. It uses bidirectional I2C for communication, with

Wiimote Expansion Port.png
Pin # Name Description
1 VCC 3.3v Nominal Power
2 SCL Serial Clock Signal (for I2C)
3 Sense Pulled high (connected to vcc) by devices for sensing connectivity.
4 Unused On some devices, this doesn't have a pin in the connector. Left N/C.
5 SDA Serial Data Signal (for I2C)
6 GND Ground