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Here is a documentation of known errors you can encounter on your Wii.

Error 001, unauthorized device has been detected.

This error appears after attempting to play a backup that was burned incorrectly. You can try to re-burn the disc, use a different burner, or try to load the ISO with something like USB Loader GX. Playing games without cIOS may also cause this issue. Early PIC-based modchips can also trigger this message.

Error 002, an error has occurred...

This error is caused by commercial titles released since late 2008 when they detect being forced to run on a different IOS than specified:

The 002 error is a check if 2 memory areas are the same. The 1st is filled by the apploader with some info from the disc(don't know where it is), which states which IOS to use, and the 2nd is filled by the IOS itself on Reload and tells which IOS is loaded.

The new/better 002fix just writes the 1st information at the postion of the 2nd one. The old 002 fix patched the main.dol and does not work anymore, since this patch causes a freeze on 002b games.

-- WiiPower, 2008

At various points in history, different approaches, alternatively performed by CIOS and backup loaders, have attempted to work around this ― though it should be a solved problem with modern CIOS and loader, while the "Force disc titles to use IOS249" Priiloader patch had traditionally been recognized as problematic.

Error 002-generating code can also be bypassed on backups using the "Generic Wii Patcher" utility.

Error 003, an unauthorized device has been detected

This error appears when System Menu => 4.2 is installed on a region-changed Korean Wii. The System Menu IOS for version 4.2 checks for the existence of the Korean Key, and if the Korean Key is not removed via homebrew prior to updating, then Error 003 will appear and the system will not be able to boot. This error is fixable if Priiloader or BootMii as boot2 was installed prior to the error appearing. You can load either one and then load into the homebrew channel and use KoreanKii to remove the Korean key. In theory, BlueBomb can be used to fix this, but it's unknown whether that works yet. If all else fails, you can try an autoboot disc with the Wii's recovery menu, provided you have a drivechip installed. If you have a BootMii backup or the NAND keys, you can use a flash programmer as a true last resort.

Error 004 ... The system files are corrupted

This appears when you have BannerBomb v2 installed on System Menu 4.3. Remove it from your SD card using a PC.

This crash can also occur if a channel's banner animation is corrupted. If you encounter this, enable the "Re-enable Bannerbomb V2" patch in Priiloader.

"The system files are corrupted" (Banner Brick)

Either you installed a WAD file with a corrupted banner, or you did something to brick the System Menu. Luckily, you should still be able to boot into Priiloader or BootMii as boot2, of which you can load into the Homebrew Channel, and undo whatever you changed or installed. If that doesn't work, you should be able to use an auto-boot disc to load homebrew, provided you have a drivechip installed to do so. If all else fails, try NAND flashing or replacing the NAND.

"The system files are corrupted" or the Wii crashes on boot but maintenance mode works

If you experience an issue with the Wii booting into the system menu but holding + and - on boot allows for it to work, then this is a mail brick. It's caused when a corrupted mail message is on the Wii. If you have the Homebrew Channel installed, use a mail deletion app to delete the corrupted mail message. If HBC is not installed, try using str2hax or Bluebomb to install the HBC.

Opera Error in the system settings (Semi-Brick)

This is often caused by a mismatch between the installed System Menu version and the actual region settings on the Wii. You can fix this easily if you have the Homebrew Channel installed, load up Wii Mod Lite and use the region changer to change the region to your System Menu version/region. If you do not have HBC, you can use Bluebomb or Letterbomb to fix this error, which in return will install the Homebrew Channel.

This error manifests on Korean Wiis as a white page with 3 black dots.

Opera Error on boot instead of the warning screen (Opera Full Brick)

This error appears when the SYSCONF file is damaged, and the incorrect region System Menu is installed. Luckily, the error is fixable the same way as the semibrick. You can boot into Priiloader or BootMii and repair the System Menu with homebrew. You can use an auto-boot disc or Bluebomb if you don't have any brick protection installed.

This error manifests on Korean Wiis as a white page with 3 black dots.

Absolutely nothing is shown on boot. No signal, cables and TV have been ruled out

If Bootmii is installed as Boot2 and boots into Bootmii, then luckily this was an IOS brick, you should restore a NAND backup that was made before the brick appeared. This is the only way to fix an IOS brick unfortunately, as the System Menu IOS is corrupt and Boot2 is unable to load it, therefore Priiloader and the recovery menu are not able to be used here. If Bootmii as Boot2 was not installed or was unable to, then NAND programming is the last option here.

If BootMii as Boot2 does not work at all, then you should try replacing the WiFi Module as this can cause this brick. If all else fails, then the Wii is suffering from a Low-Level brick, which results from the Wii's bootloader being corrupt. Since there is no mechanism in the bootloader to load recovery software, NAND programming must be used to fix this. There is no way to fix a Low-Level brick through software. It is also possible a generic hardware failure has caused this.