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Using FTP for the Wii is a convenient way of transferring files to your Wii without having to swap an SD Card back and forth. File Transfer Protocol is a protocol for transferring files between 2 clients across a network. The Wii takes advantage of FTP through homebrew, and is an excellent option for users.

Why you should choose WiiXplorer over FTPii

In order for the Wii to take advantage of FTP, it needs to host a server on the network, this is done with homebrew and can be fairly easy for most users. For the most part, FTPii has been used as the FTP server for the Wii, but issues arise every year due to it not receiving updates.

FTPii is an old homebrew application that opens an FTP server on your network, it has not been updated in over 12 years and has reportedly straight up not work for users.

WiiXplorer is a multi-tool file browser with more than just FTP capabilities. It has support for Samba too, if you have that set up on your network, but as an FTP Server, it seems to be more reliable. WiiXplorer also has an FTP Client in case you have a dedicated server on your network.


You'll need some things in order to take advantage of FTP for your Wii:

  • A Wii with the homebrew channel installed and the ability to connect to a network.
  • The SD Card or USB drive you store homebrew on.
  • An active network, doesn't necessarily need the internet, a plain router should be fine.
  • A computer on the same network that can transfer files to the Wii's SD Card
  • WiiXplorer

Getting Started

  1. Download WiiXplorer using the link above.
  2. Extract WiiXplorer to the /apps folder of your SD Card, then reinsert it to your Wii.
  3. Connect your Wii to the network that your computer is connected to.
  4. Launch WiiXplorer from the Homebrew Channel.
  5. Click on "Start" then click on "FTP Server"
  6. Click on "Startup FTP" and take note of the IP address of your Wii being displayed
    • The default port for the FTP server is 21
  7. Now, download an FTP Client to your computer, Filezilla is recommended for all platforms.
  8. In your FTP Client, connect using the IP Address of your Wii and the port the FTP Server is listening on.
  9. You should now be able to transfer files to your Wii's SD card via the network, NAND access is unavailable.
  10. When you are finished, disconnect from your Wii and then click "Shutdown FTP" on WiiXplorer


Our Discord for helping decide what FTP server and clients to use

WiiBrew for technical information about WiiXplorer