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USB Loader GX Logo
USB Loader GX Logo


USB Loader GX Enhanced is now the official USB Loader GX release. It is available on Github.


USB Loader GX allows you to play Wii and GameCube games from a USB storage device or an SD card, launch other homebrew apps, create backups, use cheats in games and a whole lot more.


  1. Extract the apps folder to the root of your SD card and replace any existing files.
  2. Install the d2x v11 cIOS.
  3. Optional: Download wiitdb.xml by selecting the update option within the loaders settings menu.
  4. Optional: Install the loaders forwarder channel (Wii or vWii) and then set the return to setting to UNEO.

cIOS guide

The first configuration is the optimal one for the Wii, but the second configuration should improve compatibility.

  • For Wii
Slot 249 base 56
Slot 250 base 57
Slot 251 base 38
  • For vWii and Wii
Slot 248 base 38 (Wii only)
Slot 249 base 56
Slot 250 base 57
Slot 251 base 58