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The Wii Mini can take advantage of a USB to Ethernet adapter and Homebrew that allows the Mini to connect to the internet. Installation of such homebrew is fairly simple thanks to FullMetal5.


  • A Wii Mini with the Homebrew Channel installed.
  • The USB Drive you usually store Homebrew on.
  • Ethernet Enabler by FullMetal5
  • A compatible USB to Ethernet adapter for your Wii Mini, It needs to have the AX88772 chip in order to work with your Mini. This adapter from Amazon should do.
  • Not Necessary, but cIOS should be installed.


  1. Download Ethernet Enabler from the link above and extract the ZIP file to the apps folder of your USB drive.
  2. Launch the Homebrew Channel with the USB drive inserted into your Wii Mini.
  3. Run the Ethernet Enabler app
  4. There is nothing else you need to do, ethernet support should now be enabled and you can use Wiimmfi and the Internet provided you have the adapter plugged into your Mini and an Ethernet Cable.


FullMetal5 for creating the ethernet enabler homebrew.

The amazing work of the Wii Mini modding community in development and research on modding the Wii Mini.