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Unlike other popular handhelds such as the Game Boy, the WonderSwan was only ever released inside of Japan. There are no region locks or limitations because the WonderSwan only has the one region.


There has been some translations of Japanese language games as well. There seems to be no central location of all available translations, but below are some useful links. Note that these links all contain translation patches only. Please source your own ROM files.

RomHacking.net's English WS Page

Zophar's List of English WS Translations (Incomplete)

The WonderSwan Translators GitHub

English Speaker Friendly

Unfortunately since the WonderSwan was only released in Japan, the entire WonderSwan library is in Japanese. This list is comprised of games that English speakers can pick up and play without previous knowledge of the game or knowledge of the Japanese language, originally compiled on the RetroGamingNetwork subreddit.

Title Genre Color or B&W Gameplay Video Notes
Beat Mania Music B&W Video
Buffers Evolution Platform B&W Video
Crazy Climber Arcade B&W Video Conversion of Taito's classic arcade game. Similar to Donkey Kong.
D's Garage 21: Koubo Game - Tane wo Maku Tori Puzzle B&W Video
Dicing Knight Period Action RPG Color Video Was developed via WonderWitch, Bandai's official homebrew development kit. The game is a random dungeon crawler.
Digimon Digital Monsters: Anode/Cathode Tamer Veedramon Version Tactical RPG Color Video
Digimon Digital Monsters ver wonderswan Card Battle B&W Video
Digimon Frontiers Battle Spirit Action/Platform Color Video
Digimon Tamers: Battle Spirit Ver. 1.5 Action/Platform Color Video Expansion on previous game.
Engacho! Puzzle B&W Video
Fever Sankyo Koushiki Pachinko Simulation Pachinko B&W Video
Final Lap 2000 Driving B&W Video Formula One Racing.
Final Lap Special Driving Color Video Upgrade of previous game.
Fire Pro Wrestling Wrestling B&W Video
Ganso Jajamaru Kun Action/Platform B&W Video Sequel to Ninja JaJaMaru-kun on Famicom.
Glocal Hexcite Puzzle B&W Video
Golden Axe Action Color Video Straightforward conversion of Sega's classic arcade hit.
Gomoku Narabe & Reversi Board Game B&W Video This is Reversi.
Guilty Gear Petit Fighting Color Video Portable version of Sammy's popular 2D fighter.
Guilty Gear Petit 2 Fighting Color Video
GunPey Puzzle B&W Video Named for WonderSwan creator Gunpei Yokoi. He also invented Game & Watch, the d-pad, Game Boy, and Virtual Boy.
GunPey Ex Puzzle Color Video Updated version of the original.
Judgement Silversword - Rebirth Edition Vertical Shooter Color Video Was developed with WonderWitch. It also appears as an extra on the region free Japan released Xbox 360 game Eschatos alongside Cardinal Sins, another WonderWitch game, but one that didn't see a physical release.
Kaze no Klonoa: Moonlight Museum Platform/Adventure B&W Video
Kidou Senshi Gundam Seed Fighting Color Video
KinnikuMan Second Generations Dream Tag Match Wrestling Color Video
Kurupara! Puzzle Color Video
Lode Runner Action/Puzzle B&W Video
Magical Drop Puzzle B&W Video
Makaimura Action/Platform B&W Video This is Ghosts N' Goblins.
Mingle Magnet Puzzle B&W Video
Moero!! Pro Yakyuu Rookies Baseball B&W Video
Mr. Driller Puzzle Color Video This game has been widely released in the U.S. and Europe on many platforms.
Nice On Golf B&W Video
One Piece Grand Battle: Swan Colosseum Fighting Color Video
Ou-chan no Oekaki Logic Picross B&W Video
Pocket Fighter Fighting B&W Video
Puyo Puyo Tsu Puzzle B&W Video
Puzzle Bobble Puzzle B&W Video
Rainbow Islands: Putty's Party Platform B&W Video
Rhyme Rider Kerorikan Music Color Video
Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousen Sha Action/Platform B&W Video This game is in the Mega Man series.
Rockman EXE WS Action/Platform Color Video This is a title in the Mega Man Battle Network series. This game is a platformer like Mega Man Network Transmission, rather than an RPG.
RUN=DIM: Return to Earth Sidescrolling Shooter Color Video
SD Gundam: Operation U.C. Sidescrolling Shooter Color Video
Sennou Millennium Puzzle B&W Video
Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling Toukon Retsuden Wrestling B&W Video
Side Pocket Billiards B&W Video
Soccer Yarou! Challenge the World Soccer B&W Video
Space Invaders Shooter B&W Video
Tetris Puzzle Color Video
Turntablist: DJ Battle Music B&W Video
Ultraman: Hikari no Kuni no Shisha Fighting Color Video
Umizuri Ni Ikou! Fishing B&W Video
Wasabi Produce: Street Dancer Music B&W Video
Wonder Classic Golf Color Video
Wonder Stadium '99 Baseball B&W Video
XI [Sai] Little Puzzle Color Video Also known as "Devil Dice." It was one of the few Yaroze homebrews to see a commercial release on PlayStation. It was later ported to WonderSwan.