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The Bandai WonderSwan is a handheld console from the fifth generation of video game consoles. The console was released in Japan on March 4th, 1999. The WonderSwan was unique in that extra buttons were present on the hardware that allows for games to support tate orientation. Two model revisions were later released: the WonderSwan Color — which sported a color screen — and the SwanCrystal — which included an improved LCD screen. The WonderSwan also had an official software devlopment kit for amateur programmers — the WonderWitch — that allows games to be developed in the C programming language. The WonderSwan could also connect to the internet through a mobile phone network using the WonderGate add-on for downloadable game content, email, and web browsing. An adapter also was created to allow use of headphones, as the console lacked a headphone port.

The WonderSwan Development Wiki is a great supplemental development-focused resource to this wiki.