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Xbox Media Center (XBMC) (previously known as Xbox Media Player) is a multi-functional application. It can be used as a dashboard, or a standalone app, to play videos, music, games, and run scripts. It was later ported to other systems and later renamed to "Kodi", but today it is known as XBMC4XBOX or just XBMC. XBMC-Emustation and XBMC4Gamers are other dashboards built upon XBMC.

The official manual can be found here.


The layout of everything will vary based on your chosen skin.


Here you can add plugins to XBMC, and add sources to download more plugins. You can update XBMC with the XBMC4Xbox Installer. You can also copy, move, and delete game saves.


Here you can play movies from your hard drive or launch video plugins to stream video.


Here you can play music from your hard drive, add a source for music, or play a music stream.

To add a music stream (such as a shoutcast), paste the stream http/mms/rtsp URL into a text document with extension ".strm" and place it in Q:\plugins\music. Playlist (.pls or .m3u) format is also accepted. ASX files must be opened and the direct link grabbed from inside in order to work.


Here you can play a slideshow of your pictures on your hard drive or memory card or view them individually.


Here you can set your region and view the local weather. You can change between Fahrenheit and Celsius under Settings → Weather → International → Region, and change it to your region.


  • Profiles: Allows you to set up profiles of different permissions and content
  • Skin Settings: Allows you to change various settings for your current skin.
  • Videos: Allows you to change content regarding scraped data for videos, the DVD player codecs, and subtitle display.
  • Music: Allows you to change displayed music information, order to play songs, visualizers, quality, and karaoke settings.
  • Pictures: Allows you to change EXIF data display, quality, and slideshow effects and duration.
  • Programs: Allows you to change a couple game features, set a folder for trainers, and set a custom dashboard path.
  • Weather: Allows you to change your area code and weather plugin.
  • Network: Allows you to enable or disable network protocols, configure FTP credentials, connect to other FTP or SMB servers, and set basic IP settings.
  • System: Allows you to set fan and LED settings, max video quality, audio output type, LCD settings, enable debug logging, set discs to auto play, set hard drive settings, and change the DVD player caching limits.
  • Appearance: Allows you to change your skin, components of your skin, enable a mouse, change language, change temperature (Region), change timezone, enable auto time-syncing via the Internet, change resolution, and change screensaver settings.


Here you can run Python scripts. Some scripts come bundled with the python installation, but more can be added by placing the ".py" and any included configuration files in the Q:\scripts folder or by placing them in Q:\xbmchome\scripts\ for auto execution upon bootup.

File manager

The file manager is a commander-style dual window manager. If you have another Xbox running the same version of XBMC, it will show up in the file manager.


  • A: Open folder or launch XBE
  • B: Back
  • Y: Multi-select file/folder
  • White: Show options for file/folder
  • Back: Exit to main menu
  • Left Analog Stick press: Takes a screenshot and asks you where to save it
  • Right Analog Stick press: Open XBMC power menu
  • Left Trigger: Scroll up quickly
  • Right Trigger: Scroll down quickly

Dragon Dashboard

Dragon Dashboard is a modification on top of XBMC that simplifies the interface down to just the ability to launch games, music, videos, and applications. To add artwork to a file, place a JPG in the containing folder with the same name as the file. To add folder artwork, add a JPG called FolderArt.jpg to the folder. Settings can be accessed by pressing the left or right thumbstick.


  • I can't boot into XBMC!
Try holding White+Y while booting it up to enter recovery mode, which will allow you to FTP into it and fix it.
  • How can I view XBMC logs?
    • You can find two log files in the Q: drive of XMBC: xbmc.log (last session), and xbmc.old.log (session before last). Log levels can be changed in Settings → System → Debugging.
  • I can't delete the XBMC files from my PC!
Unfortunately, some versions of XBMC will get stuck on your Windows PC, and you can't delete, rename, or move the extracted XBMC folder. This is caused by the "Community Portal 4Xbox" being named with a space on the end, which is not allowed in Windows. You can solve this issue by opening WinRAR and navigating to .../XBMC/programs/plugins/ and renaming "Community Portal 4Xbox " to "delete", and then deleting the XBMC folder.
  • The weather isn't updating!
If you had set your zip code in settings, then you are likely on and old version of XBMC and need to update.