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The Xecuter NAND-X is a device used to read/write to Xbox 360 NANDs and program glitch chips. It works in conjunction with the Windows program J-Runner and can be used for JTAG and RGH installs. It also can be used with the Xecuter X360USB PRO device to flash DVD drives.

An open source clone of the NAND-X is available on Element18592's GitHub.

Drivers and updates for the device can be found within the program J-Runner.

Updating Glitch Chip Timing File

  1. Unplug console power and plug the mini USB cable from your NAND-X into your PC. Plug in the glitch chip using the glitch chip programming cables.
  2. Launch J-Runner, select Advanced > Custom NAND/CR Functions, then choose your XSVF file, and start.

Updating the NAND-X Firmware

  1. Plug the NAND-X into to your computer via a USB port. Ensure J-Runner says "bootloader attached".
  2. Select Tools > Update NAND-X FW.
  3. Navigate to your J-Runner folder > Common, and select the NAND-X firmware. It will take some time to flash. Once it is done, unplug the NAND-X and plug it back in. If the LED lights up green, you are done. If not, try unplugging it a few times.


General Tips

  • Verify all solder points are well done and not bridged. If unsure or think it is badly done, reflow the solder.
  • Make sure you are running J-Runner as Administrator (Right click J-Runner > Run as Administrator).
  • J-Runner may have issues with Windows 10, either find an older operating system to flash from or try J-Runner with Extras version (you must |disable driver signing). If you are planning on using an older operating system, you can use Windows 7 or XP in a VM with USB access (make sure to install .NET Framework or J-Runner won't work).
  • Reinstall the drivers by opening Device Manager and right clicking the entry for NAND-X and choosing Update Drivers > Browse > My Computer > J-Runner > common > drivers, and choosing the correct driver for your case.
  • Some devices have defects, so ensure sure the USB port is soldered on well.

If issues persist, try one of the below fixes.

NAND-X not Detected by J-Runner

Try pressing the Black reset button on the NAND-X and see if it detects it. If not, follow the steps below.

  1. Plug into PC and open J-Runner, verify that it says Bootloader Attached.
  2. In J-Runner: go to Tools > Update nand-x.fw, and browse to the J-Runner folder (in My Computer). Select the commons > PICFLASH* version relevant to your case (ignore the ISO version).
  3. Let it finish reflashing the programmer, then hold the reset button for 5 seconds. Your NAND-X should work after this.

Unable to start J-Runner/.NET Framework errors

Make sure you have the correct version of the .NET Framework installed, which is listed in the README file.