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RetroArch is a front end for a collection of emulators (or "cores") which was ported to the Xbox 360. While usually the latest version can be obtained by the official site, it appears that development for the Xbox 360 version has stopped and RetroArch360 v1.0.0.2 is the final build. A list of emulators on the Xbox 360 that aren't in RetroArch can be found on this page. Newer versions support NetPlay, which allows for multiplayer play over the Internet.

  • Note: Use DPAD to navigate menus, analog stick does not select the highlighted item properly!


Simply copy the RetroArch folder to your Apps folder like any other application and run it via your dashboard's app or file manager (default.xex). Open Settings and then Path Options; here you can choose what folder you want Retroarch to look for ROMs in by default (Content Directory) and where save files and savestates will be stored. By default, it will look for games in the rom folder of the installation directory, saves in savefiles, and savestates in savestates.


Navigate RetroArch's main menu by using the DPAD and B to select items and A to go back a menu.

The default controls are different for each core you use. You can open Retroarch's menu while playing a game by pressing both thumbsticks at the same time. You can use save states or change the options for the current core, including the controls under "Input Settings".

BIOS Files

If your emulator core requires a BIOS file to function, you can obtain one and place it in the system folder in the installation directory.


  • If Retroarch gets messed up, you lock yourself out of the Input Settings, or you accidentally set controls incorrectly, you can reset them by deleting retroarch.cfg from the installation directory.
  • The main menu UI does not always line up with what is highlighted. It appears that using the analog sticks is one cause of the problem, so always navigate using the DPAD.