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While RetroArch covers most bases when it comes to emulation, you have the option to install standalone emulators listed below. There are two main types of emulators: XEX and ELF emulators. Keep in mind that ones that sound "too good to be true" likely will run very poorly on the system.

  • For information regarding the Xbox emulator, see this page.

XEX Emulators

XEX emulators can be launched just like any other installed Xbox 360 game launching the default.xex in a file manager, or clicking a shortcut made by a custom dashboard. A video demonstration of how to install XEX emulators can be found on Modded Warfare's channel.

ELF Emulators

ELF emulators must be launched from within XeLL. To do this, place the emulator files on the root of a flash drive and boot into Xell by turning on the console with the eject button. Xell should detect the ELF file and automatically launch it, putting you into the emulator's menu. A video demonstration for ELF emulators can be found on Modded Warfare's channel.

List of Emulators

Many found in this archive of Xbox 360 Emulators and the Emulation General Wiki.

Experimental Emulators

These emulators were for testing on the system and have huge performance or crashing issues.

Homebrew Ports

Many found in this archive of original Xbox homebrew