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JTAG/RGH console users must take special precautions when connecting to Xbox Live in order to avoid getting banned instantly or within a few hours of connecting. Stealth server services such as Proto (free), Nfinite (paid), Cipher (paid), XBonline (paid), or Teapot (paid) exist to be a means of connecting "safely" to Xbox Live. Stealth servers will make your console appear as retail to the Xbox Live servers. Be aware that it is never 100% safe to connect to Xbox Live with a modified console and you may get your console and/or account banned. Alternatively, you can install a dual NAND mod in your console to have both a retail NAND and a modified NAND. The retail NAND can be used to connect to Xbox Live without requiring a stealth server. If you plan on playing offline, you can also block Xbox Live using this guide.

The most common reasons for bans are:

  • Connecting to Xbox Live without a stealth server
  • Earning achievements from homebrew while signed into Xbox Live
  • Modding in public and being reported by other users.

If your console does get banned, you will need to use a KV (Keyvault) from an unbanned console. You can find a guide on extracting and changing your KV here.

Below you can find info on setting up Proto as your stealth server to connect to Xbox Live.

Using Proto Stealth Server

  1. Download the Proto plugin here.
  2. Copy the Proto.xex and Proto.ini files to your HDD.
    • Proto by default will use the KV on the NAND to connect to Xbox Live. If the console's KV is banned and you have another KV you want to use to connect, place the KV.bin and matching cpukey.bin or cpukey.txt beside Proto.xex, and Proto will use the KV.
  3. In DashLaunch, verify liveblock is enabled (this will be toggled by Proto as required), then set Proto.xex as a plugin. Press RB to go to the "Save \ Load launch.ini" menu and press X on HDD, then restart your console.

Once your console has started up, you should see a notification showing that Proto is ready to connect to Xbox Live.