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XexDash, not to be confused with the more popular XeXmenu, is a minimal custom dashboard capable of launching game backups, FTP, and changing fan speeds. On release, XexDash was used for supporting Chinese and Japanese characters in game and folder names, a feature that caused issues on other dashboards.

  • The default username/password for FTP is "xbox" and "xbox".
  • If you have issues using FTP after using this dashboard, delete the XexDash.xml file it generated on hdd1:\. You may need to completely remove the dashboard and restart your Xbox 360 to get it to work.


As a Demo Shortcut

Extract and copy the folder "C0DE0003" to Hdd1:\Content\0000000000000000 or usb1:\Content\0000000000000000. Launch it from the Microsoft dashboard by navigating to Game Library > Demos > XexDash.

As a XEX

Extract and copy the folder "XexDash" to your Xbox 360. Use a file manager to navigate into the folder and launch it by selecting the .xex.


  • DPAD: Up/down/left/right
  • LT/RT/LB/RB: Page up/down on games
  • A: Enter/Confirm
  • Y: Menu
  • X: Sort games by name
  • B: Readme
  • Back: Return to Dashboard

Game Launcher

Copy your game files of an Xbox or Xbox 360 game to a folder inside of Hdd1:\hidden, Usb0:\hidden, Cdrom0:\hidden, or Devkit:\hidden. From the main screen of XexDash, press Y to open the menu, then select Driver Disk, and choose the device holding the game files. It will populate a list of your games. Hover over a game and it will list the title ID in the top left of the screen, and you can launch it by pressing A.

  • If you wish to add cover art to the game, place a picture named default.png in the game folder and it will display in the bottom left corner.

FTP Server

Your IP is listed in the bottom right of the screen. You can connect to it at port 21 with the username xbox and password xbox.


  • Driver Disk: Selects the device to load the game list from.
  • Type: Change the type of game to regular game or XBLA game.
  • Language: Change the language to English, Japanese, or two dialects of Chinese.
  • Set: Press left or right on the DPAD to select where it pulls a background image from. The easiest way is to set it to [system] and place a background.jpg in .../XexDash/media.
  • Update: Previously would update the dashboard. No longer functional.
  • Fan: Press left or right on the DPAD to change the fan speed by 5%. Setting applies from when you open XexDash until Xbox is shut off.
  • Return to XDK: Returns to the XDK menu, or if not installed, your default dashboard.
  • Return to Dash: Returns to your default dashboard.