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A dual boot firmware is a special firmware that takes an OFW and patches it so that you can install CFW over it. This is useful because it allows you to swap between OFW and CFW without downgrading or having a dual NAND/NOR, thus allowing you to log on to PSN more safely. You can find dual boot firmwares here. Dual boot firmware can only be installed on a console with CFW.

Changing Firmwares

You can install dual boot firmware using the same process as installing normal CFW, and switch back the same way.

Changing Firmwares with Dual HDDs

For a much more effective protection when playing online, it is recommended to have two separate hard drives: one for OFW and one for CFW. This way, all of your homebrew can be stored on the CFW hard drive, and the OFW hard drive will be completely clean. To swap between them:

  1. Take note of the CFW that you are currently on. You will need a PS3UPDAT.PUP of this CFW.
  2. Remove your hard drive (CFW HDD), and insert the clean hard drive (OFW HDD).
  3. Place the dual boot firmware's PS3UPDAT.PUP in a folder called "UPDATE", and place that folder in a folder called "PS3" on the root of your USB storage device.
  4. Remove any disks from the Blu-Ray drive.
  5. Start the console in recovery mode and install the dual boot firmware update from your storage media.
  • To revert back to CFW, simply repeat this process with the CFW PS3UPDAT.PUP and inserting the CFW hard drive.