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General Information

  • Creating Game Backups
  • Playing Game Backups
  • Creating Game Save Backups
  • Applying ROM Patches
  • Homebrew Games List
  • Game Gear on Master System Patches
  • Master System Games on Game Gear
  • List of Games with Stereo Audio
  • List of Games Only on Game Gear

Technical Information

  • Model Differences
  • Connector Pinouts
  • Region Information
  • Controller Port Mod (cut grey for Genesis?)


Video Mods

  • Video Output Notes
  • RGB out of EXT Port
  • Game Gear Consolizer
  • McWill VGA (RGB) Output Mod
  • Tim Worthington's GGTV (RGB, S-Video, Composite)
  • Otaku's Store RGB Mod (RGB)
  • McWill's LCD Screen

Repair Guides



Flash Carts

  • Everdrive GG
  • Otaku's Store SD Loader

Replacement Parts

  • Capacitor Kit
  • Power Supplies
  • Shell
  • Power Board
  • Audio Board
  • Screen Driver Board


  • RetroSix Digital Thumbstick
  • Repair Tools