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PS3 game modding boils down to being able to load cheats and change variables within a game at your will. There are various options for modding PS3 games. If you are just looking to use simple cheats for an offline game, it may be easier to use Artemis. Note that modding online games will put you at a higher risk of a ban.

One modding option is to use a debugger framework such as CCAPI, TMAPI, or MAPI which will allow you to use a debugger on your PC to real-time edit values of a game similar to CheatEngine (or use a tool that does so).

A second option is to use a pre-built set of mods, often packaged as a "mod menu", which comes as an EBOOT, SPRX, and/or a RPF.


Check to make sure that your desired mod is compatible with your firmware type (CEX or DEX). It is recommended to add ".bak" to the end of your original file names in case you need to revert back. The process for each mod is as follows:

  • EBOOTs: Transfer your modded EBOOT via FTP to /dev_hdd0/game/<TitleID>/USRDIR/.
  • SPRX: Transfer your SPRX via FTP to /dev_hdd0/tmp/
  • RPF: Transfer your modded RPF via FTP to /dev_hdd0/game/<TitleID>/USRDIR/.

CID Stealer Protection

If you are planning on using a mod tool on your PC in conjunction with a debugger framework on your console, it's a good idea to block the program's Internet access so it can't steal your Console ID (CID) and upload it to someone else if it is malicious. You can do this with the following process on Windows:

  1. Click on your Start Menu and type "Windows Firewall" and select the option that pops up.
  2. Select Advanced Settings → Outbound Rules (left side) → New Rule (right side).
  3. Follow the wizard and select the .exe file of your mod tool and block it from Domain, Public, and Private networks.