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One of the features introduced by Cobra is the ability to force any PSP ISO to be mounted and then run with either the PSP Remaster Launcher or the PSP MINIS launcher found on the webMAN MOD download page. Ad Hoc mode is also supported via LAN connection.

Keep in mind this is not a fully featured emulator and many games are not in a playable state. You can check compatibility with the PSP Backup Compatibility list. Any games marked as working with "game save injection" or "needs save present" will need a save injected into the PS3 with the guide below before it will work properly.

Playing PSP ISOs

On modern CFW, you can utilize PSP ISOs by placing the ISO files in /dev_hdd0/PSPISO and mounting them using Webman or Multiman, and then launching them using either the Remaster or MINIS launcher. It may vary on which one may work, and many do not work at all. Make sure to check the compatibility list before trying a game, and add any new games you test to the list.

Backing up Saves

You can backup your PSP saves by plugging in a USB storage device, navigating to the Save Data Utility on the XMB, pressing Triangle on the desired game, and copying it to your device. Alternatively, you can back them up by using an PS3:Transferring Files with FTP session to transfer them from the respective directory to your PC:

  • For games launched with Minis/Remaster launcher: /dev_hdd0/home/0000000#/minis_savedata/
  • For installed PKG games: /dev_usb0/PSP/SAVEDATA/

Save Injection

With games that require an injected save file, you can download any save file from the Internet, from your PSP, or make one using PPSSPP, and use an PS3:Transferring Files with FTP session to transfer them into the respective directory.

  • For games launched with Minis/Remaster launcher: /dev_hdd0/home/0000000#/minis_savedata/
  • For installed PKG games: /dev_usb0/PSP/SAVEDATA/

Converting Save Region

You can convert a PSP game save region to a different region using AldosTools. Not all games will directly convert over, as formats may differ between the games.

  1. Open an PS3:Transferring Files with FTP session and locate your game save folder in it's respective directory. Copy the game save folder to your PC.
    • For games launched with Minis/Remaster launcher: /dev_hdd0/home/0000000#/minis_savedata/
    • For installed PKG games: /dev_usb0/PSP/SAVEDATA/
  2. Find the Title ID of the desired game's region. You can use this database for reference.
  3. Rename the game save folder to the new Title ID.
  4. Open the PARAM SFO Editor in AldosTools. Select the Open icon and choose your PARAM.SFO file inside your game save folder.
  5. Enter the new Title ID in the "Save Directory" folder, and click the Save button in the bottom right.
  6. Copy the save back to the directory where you got it from. With some luck, it should load properly using the new region ISO. If it doesn't, the region conversion may not be possible due to differences in the two regions.

XMB Settings

There are various settings for the PSP emulators located under Settings → Game Settings:

  • PSP Remaster - Screen Mode: Can switch between Normal and Full Screen.
  • PSP Remaster - 3D Display: Allows you to change the strength of 3D if you are using a 3D launcher.
  • PSP Remaster - Ad Hoc Mode Channel: Allows you to set the channel for AdHoc mode.
  • PSP Remaster - Ad Hoc Mode: Enables or disables Ad Hoc over wireless LAN.
  • "PSP EMU" Menu: Turns off the above options. This setting is located in Debug Settings.


If a PSP game can't read/write game saves, try updating to Cobra 7.53 or later and press CROSS + R1 before launching the PSP launcher. This will toggle the directory in which your game reads and writes saves from to another directory and may fix it. Note that you may need to toggle it back for other games to work properly.