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No (official) video output. Nonstandard external display solutions are still possible, such as a screen-replacement device ("capture card") or USB-based RemoteJoyLite.


Adds external display support with proprietary cables (connecting to redesigned remote connector).

Officially, any cable can be used to play media and (since 5.00) PS1 software, but PSP titles are restricted to YPbPr and progressive scan mode. FuSa SD can bypass this restriction AND scale the picture to reduce windowboxing, but isn't compatible with all programs and only works properly in 5.x although a mod for 6.39 exists.

  • Composite (RCA): PSP-S150
  • S-Video (Mini-DIN): PSP-S160
  • YPbPr (D-Terminal): PSP-S170
  • YPbPr (RCA): PSP-S180

Sony also made a charging cradle with video outputs for the PSP-2000 and 3000. Its SKU model was PSP-S340, with minor varients that had extra accessories. The video cables are the same. Since the PSP-2000 and 3000 can't wirelessly connect controllers, the video output on the cradle is mainly indended for media playback rather than gaming.


Like its predecessor, but any cable can be used for any content.


Same as PSP-3000, but different cables must be used due to new unified proprietary connector:

  • Composite (RCA): PSP-N150
  • S-Video (Mini-DIN): Unreleased?
  • YPbPr (D-Terminal): PSP-N170
  • YPbPr (RCA): PSP-N180

There is also an official charging cradle with video output made for the PSP-N1000 series. Its SKU model is PSP-N340. The video cables use the same multi-use USB connector. Since the PSP Go can support Bluetooth, it is possible to dock the console to a TV and play it with a wireless controller just like a Nintendo Switch.


Same as PSP-1000.