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Exclamation-triangle-fill.svgConsole bricks are very rare but can still happen. Use at your own risk. It is recommended to use Bootmii to take a NAND backup before proceeding, if you were able to install Bootmii.

Priiloader is an advanced piece of homebrew that offers brick protection and certain patches to the Wii System Menu, such as enabling region-free games. Priiloader is actually a modded version, if not a fork of Preloader, an older deprecated version that ceased development a long time ago. Priiloader is still in development and is considered essential especially if Bootmii is only able to be installed as IOS. You should read the entire readme document provided with Priiloader before continuing.



  1. Download Priiloader and extract it to your SD Card, if you have the Open Shop Channel, you can download it there instead.
  2. Launch the Homebrew Channel.
  3. Launch the Priiloader installer app
  4. Read that screen completely, it's important that you understand the risks before continuing.
  5. Press the + button on the Wiimote or the A button on a Gamecube controller to install Priiloader.
  6. Press A to exit.
  7. Turn off your console.


If you are on a Wii Mini, a USB keyboard is now required.

  1. While turning on the Wii, hold the RESET button, on the Wii Mini, hold escape on the keyboard.
  2. The Priiloader menu should now be visible. You can use a Wiimote to navigate the menus. If you are using a USB card to install Priiloader, unplug any SD card before booting as this will cause Priiloader to not find it's files.
  3. Navigate to 'System Menu Hacks'
  4. We recommend you to enable these hacks:
    • Region Free EVERYTHING
    • Block Disc Updates
    • Block Online Updates
  5. Navigate to 'save settings' and hit A.
  6. Press B to go back to the main menu and navigate to either the System Menu or the Homebrew channel and hit A to boot exit Priiloader.

The other system menu hacks can be useful for you depending on your situation. Priiloader is very powerful software that we here explicitly cannot recommend enough and has a bunch of possibilities.

Brick Protection

If in the event you brick your Wii, Priiloader is likely to help you in some way, as long as the boot process or the system menu IOS is not damaged in any way, Priiloader should still be able to load without problems. Check the error codes page to help you diagnose your brick and how to go about recovering from it. Priiloader doesn't have to load into the Homebrew channel or the System menu, in fact you can boot programs directly from Priiloader without jumping to the homebrew channel or system menu.

Special Thanks

WiiBrew for information on Priiloader and the Wii in general.

'DacoTaco' for leading development on Priiloader and maintaining the GitHub repository.

The numerous contributors to Priiloader's development.