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There are four main ways to exploit your console. For software mods, there is the game save exploit method and the hotswap method. For hardware mods, you can install a modchip, or manually flash the TSOP. Use the following points to help you decide on the path to take:

  • The easiest and safest method is the game save exploit, which requires one of four specific games, a Xbox to USB-Female adapter, and a flash drive or Android device.
  • The hotswap method only requires a PC with an IDE port, but can risk shocking your PC or Xbox components.
  • Some modchips can be installed without soldering. Different modchips may be suited for different motherboard revisions.
  • TSOP Flashing can be done with only soldering and a DVD-R. It is impossible to TSOP flash a revision 1.6 motherboard.
  • If the HDD is broken, and you had not previously exploited the console to get a copy of the EEPROM, your only option is to install a modchip.

You can check your motherboard revision here.

Game Save Exploit (softmod)

Hotswap (softmod)

Modchip (hardmod)

TSOP Flashing (hardmod)