Xbox 360:Updating your Kernel/Dashboard

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Exclamation-triangle-fill.svgDo not ever update your console using an original system update. This will install a default NAND and brick your device!

This guide will walk you through updating your Kernel/Dashboard to latest version. Keeping your Kernel/Dashboard up to date ensures that you can run newer games in your console and give you the latest features implemented in the official dashboard. By following this guide, the latest Kernel/Dashboard will be patched to include Dashlaunch (using your console information) and then flashed to your console. This process will not break an existing JTAG/RGH installation, even if the hack is dependent on a specific dashboard version.

A video demonstration of how to update your JTAG/RGH dashboard can be found on MrMario2011's channel.


Patching the NAND

  1. Download and launch J-Runner on your PC.
  2. Click Load Source on the middle left of the window and select either your nanddump1.bin or nanddump2.bin.
  3. Verify that everything looks normal in "XeBuild" section on the upper right.
  4. Verify that the desired kernel version is selected.
  5. Click Create XeBuild in the top of the window. If everything went well, you should end up with fresh NAND file called updflash.bin.

Flashing your Patched NAND (XeLL)

  1. Copy updflash.bin into the root of USB drive and plug it in.
  2. Press eject to boot Xell and wait for Xell to flash the NAND with rawflash.
  3. If everything went fine you will get a message saying it was successful and you should shutdown the console.
  4. Boot your console and verify that everything works. Make sure you are in latest kernel version.

Flashing your Patched NAND (Simple 360 NAND Flasher)

  1. Unzip 360 NAND Flasher to your Xbox 360's internal hard drive or a USB drive.
  2. Copy updflash.bin to the directory of 360 Nand Flasher's executible.
  3. Run the applicaton in your desired dashboard. (e.g. Aurora, Freestyle, XeXMenu, etc.)
  4. Press the A button and then press START. The program will flash the new NAND image and automatically reboot the conole when finished.
  5. Verify that everything works. Make sure you are in latest kernel version.

Installing the Avatar Data

  1. On your PC, download the latest system update from
  2. Extract the update and copy $SystemUpdate to your USB storage device.
    • You might need to change $SystemUpdate to $$ystemUpdate to bypass Dashlaunch's update blocker.
  3. Plug the storage device into your Xbox. This seems to work best when in original dashboard.
  4. If you see THIS, press yes. If you see THIS, DO NOT ACCEPT AS YOU WILL BRICK YOUR CONSOLE.
  5. The Xbox 360 will install missing data and then reboot. Verify the installation by going to the original dashboard and checking that your avatar has skin and does not look like ghost anymore.