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This article will walk you through softmodding your Xbox via the game save exploit, and installing your dashboard and initial apps through Rocky5's Xbox Softmodding Tool, which replaces Softmod Installer Deluxe (SID) as the tool of choice.

A video demonstration of softmodding your Xbox with the Xbox Softmodding Tool can be found on MrMario2011's channel.

Materials Needed

Formatting your USB Device

Plug in your memory unit, or the flash drive into the USB adapter, and then plug the USB adapter into the Xbox. On the dashboard, select "MEMORY". You should receive a message saying that the memory unit was erased, meaning it was formatted. If not, select the memory unit, Press A, then select Erase and accept the prompt.

Alternatively, you can format your flash drive using a FatXplorer Beta. To do so, insert your flash drive into your Windows PC. Open FatXplorer, select Formatting tools, under Original Xbox select Original Xbox MU, select your flash drive and select Next 3 times, select Format. The USB drive should not detect as a valid memory unit in your Xbox if it is compatible with your Xbox.

Loading the Game Save from a Computer

  1. Download Xbox Softmodding Within the .zip, navigate to "...\Xbox Softmodding Tool\Softmod Package\". Extract the numbered folder inside of the UDATA folder from the ZIP corresponding to the game you have chosen to use the softmod (SC, MA, 007, or THPS4). Also extract the numbered folder inside of the UDATA folder of the Softmod
    • Alternatively, compile the saves from source (GitHub) by extracting it, creating a folder in the parent folder called "Other Stuff" with a file in it called dev.bin and running "Build Release.bat", and pressing Enter to accept the default version number. This will generate a folder called "Release" in the parent folder.
  2. Plug your USB device into your USB to Xbox adapter. If you are using DriveDroid, you may need to turn off the drive before connecting, wait until your phone is recognized by your PC, then turn the drive back on.
  3. Open FatXplorer, select Devices, select the green box with your USB drive, select Load Device with Read Only: Off, select Mount Data Partition on X (choose another drive letter if X is already in use. A window will appear, this is the root of your USB drive memory unit.
    • If you receive an error and are using DriveDroid, change the USB System to Legacy and re-set the Manual USB mode to Mass Storage.
  4. Copy the numbered folders you extracted earlier for your game and the one from the Softmod to the root of the USB drive. Alternatively if using a memory card on an previously modded Xbox, FTP them onto the H drive.
  5. To eject your USB drive memory unit; in FatXplorer select Devices, select the green box with your USB drive, select Unmount. Safely eject the drive as you normally would in your operating system.
  6. Connect your memory unit or USB drive memory to your Xbox. On the Xbox dashboard, navigate to the "MEMORY" section and then to your memory unit, scroll down to the game title you chose for softmodding, and then scroll right to highlight the game save. Press A to select it, then copy it to your Xbox hard drive. Do the same for the game save labeled "Xbox Softmodding Tool".
    • If you are using Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell or Frogger Beyond, reboot your Xbox after copying the saves to the hard drive. If you don't, the softmod installer will not load and you will be left on a black screen.
  7. Insert your game and follow the below process to load the exploit for your game. Your console should boot into the Xbox Softmodding Tool. Your Xbox LED will change colors and stay red, which is normal and nothing to worry about. If your LED changed colors, but nothing appears on screen, try holding L+R+Black+Back to reboot the softmod installer.
    • Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Select START GAMELINUXCHECK POINTS. If your console freezes, disable 480p in the dashboard settings.
    • MechAssault: Select CAMPAIGNRun Linux.
    • 007: Agent Under Fire: Select SELECT MISSION, start the TROUBLE IN PARADISE mission, then when you hear or see the helicopter, press Start and select Quit MissionYes. Then press B to go back to the main menu, then select LOAD MISSION followed by Xbox Hard Disk.
    • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4: Select Free Skate(pick any character)Play LevelCreated ParkLoad ParkYesHack XboxOKPlay Park.
    • Frogger Beyond: Boot the console with the game in the DVD drive, Select Continue → Xbox Hard Disk → Freedom.
    • Metal Arms: Glitch in the System: Select Multiplayer → Select the profile ending in "%hn" → Start any multiplayer level → Quit out of the game Back out to profile selection → Select the profile ending in "2nd" → At gametype selection press X (More) and then Y (New) to create a new gametype → Replace the name "Unnamed19" with "%255x%n%x%hn" → Hit Done and then A to accept → Go back to gametype selection (DO NOT go back to profile selection or you will have to repeat from selecting the "2nd" profile) → Select any gametype and multiplayer level → Quit out of the game.
  8. Press A to install the softmod. Read the prompts that come up and press A to acknowledge them. Your Xbox will reboot. During the boot animation, eject the disc from the DVD drive.
  9. The tool will finish setting up. You will be left on the Xbox Softmodding Tool dashboard, which is just a skinned UnleashX dashboard. You can change the skin under System → Skins.

(Optional) Nulling your HDD Key

After you have softmodded the Xbox, you may optionally "null" or "uno" the HDD key. Only do this step BEFORE registering your console to any Xbox Live replacement service and only if you wish to swap hard drives between multiple Xbox consoles or know you will be unable to keep a backup of your Xbox EEPROM information. This will change the Xbox's unique thirty-two digit HDD key to 11111111111111111111111111111111 (thirty-two ones). This will allow you to always know what your HDD key is and it will make it easier to rescue the Xbox from HDD failure in the future. All you will need to build a new hard drive is another Xbox that also has an all 1 HDD key or FatXplorer. To null your Xbox's HDD key, (Rocky5's softmodding tool 1.18 and newer only!) launch NKPatcher Settings from the Applications menu, go to EEPROM > Advanced Features > Hard Drive > Change EEPROM HDD Key.

  • If you softmodded with an installer other than Rocky5's Xbox Softmodding Tool, make sure you upgrade to the Xbox Softmodding Tool before you null your HDD key, otherwise you may end up getting error code 06, due to older softmods using a virtual EEPROM.
  • Previous versions of the Softmodding Tool set the HDD key to thirty-two zeros. Starting with v1.1.8, it has now been changed to use all number ones, this to be ready for Insignia's release, because the thirty-two zeros wouldn't work with that system. Both thirty-two ones or thirty-two zeros will null, however, if one wants to be ready for Insignia use all 1’s or 31 zeros and a 1; just as long as it’s not all zeros. Either way, one should be aware that both a null of all 1s or null of all 0s may exist in the wild.
  • "Nulling" or "Unoing" your HDD key is not a substitute for keeping good backups of your Xbox EEPROM information. Your eeprom.bin and other relevant information are located in the E:\Backups folder on your Xbox. Ensure the folder includes an eeprom.bin file, then back up the folder to your PC and preferably to some form of cloud storage as well, as it is critical for building a new hard drive for your Xbox.
  • "Nulling", "Unoing" or changing your your HDD key in any way will break the signature for many saved games as well as all DLC and Title Updates installed on your console. Some of the games with signed saves can be re-signed using tools found on this page about EEPROM-locked saves. DLC and Title Updates can be re-signed with FeudalNate's Content Recovery Tool.