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WebMAN has the ability to mount extracted PKG directories when viewing files. This is helpful if you have large package files that would usually take hours to install via gameDATA utility. This process cuts out the installation part for packages so you can launch most packages instantly.

Most PS3 PSN games work with this method. Homebrew may or may not work. PS2 games from PSN do not work.

Required Items

Installing the PKGs

  1. Install latest WebMAN build to your PS3 via webMAN_MOD_Installer_x.xx.xx.pkg listed above.
  2. Using one of the PKG Extractor tools above, extract your PKG to folder format.
  3. Create a directory on the root of your external FAT32 drive named 'GAMEI'. Place your extracted PKG contents to this folder. You may change the name of the folder to reflect its contents to organize. Eg. X:\GAMEI\NPUB20446 can be renamed to something else, the title ID is not required.
  4. Connect your external drive to your PS3, then navigate to WebMAN Games → WebMAN Setup → Files, and then select your external drive (dev_usb000 usually).
  5. In \dev_usb000\GAMEI\ you will see your extracted packages, move your cursor over <DIR> next to the folder name of the package you want to mount and press X. WebMAN will show the title of package and a picture of what it is trying to mount. If successful, you will see a notification in the top right that it was mounted.
  6. Exit WebMAN and navigate to the "game disc" in your game list. It should be updated with the title and picture of the package you just mounted. Press X to launch game.


  • I get a black screen / my PS3 freezes when trying to launch the PKG.
    • Use IrisMAN, navigate to \GAMEI\ and use the 'fix game' utility on your package folder.
    • Try mounting a different backup from your External drive (\GAMES\) in WebMAN first, then mount your PKG. This may keep your external drive active to launch your mounted packages.
  • My extracted PKG has a file larger than 4GB, How do I move it to my external drive?
    • Using PSN Liberator you can convert your extracted folder to a disc folder (the same as your disc backup) and then use PS3 File Splitter (found in AldosTools) or similar software to split the large files. WebMAN has no way to handle split package files so this process allows you to split and rejoin your game via a backup manager.
  • PSN games aren't working.
    • You must have activated your purchased game to an account on your system first. If you try to play a PSN game you did not purchase you will receive a 'Please visit PSN Store' message. If you have the RAP file, it can be