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This is the FAQ page for the ConsoleMods PS3 Wiki. Here you'll find most of the info you'll need to start using homebrew on your PS3. A list of definitions can be found at the bottom of this post. If a question isn't here that you feel should be, please message one of the moderators.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the point of jailbreaking?

The intent of jailbreaking was to allow execution of homebrew software on the PS3. Custom firmware will allow you to:

Does it matter what model of PS3 I have, or can all models be jailbroken?

If your PS3 is on 3.55 firmware or below, you can jailbreak it regardless of model. Otherwise, you can check if your console is exploitable here. Compatibility is not purely based on model number.

Can you jailbreak consoles over 3.55 OFW without downgrading or buying a flasher device?

Yes, you can use PS3Xploit to install CFW. Prior to Thanksgiving of 2017, it was impossible to downgrade without a flasher device, and you could not jailbreak consoles over 3.55 firmware. Because of this, there are many sites out there claiming to offer PUPs that will jailbreak your console, but any sites claiming to do this without using PS3Xploit are a scam or malware.

Do I need to have the latest OFW installed before jailbreaking?

If you are on or below 3.55, you can go directly to CFW. If you are on firmware above 3.55, you will need to check if your console is exploitable and the requirements therein.

What is Hybrid Firmware (HFW)?

HFW is a modified version of OFW which includes the WebKit version that was used in 4.82 to make the original PS3Xploit, hence the name, "Hybrid Firmware".

Do I need to go to 9.99 Downgrader or 3.55 OFW before going to CFW?

No. It's recommended to go straight to the latest CFW after flashing a patched dump to your PS3 or using PS3Xploit. Sometimes issues crop up and people get stuck on downgrader firmware and are forced to format their hard drive to get off of it. Downgrader firmware was the old method of getting to CFW.

Why can't consoles with minimum firmware over 3.56 be jailbroken?

Essentially, Sony slipped up and their lowest level encryption key (metldr) was figured out. They improperly generated their update signature decryption key and a number that was supposed to be random was actually a static number. With this, developers could sign a modified update (CFW), which a console on 3.55 or lower will accept as an official update. This was patched in 3.56, but models that were once on 3.55 firmware still have the old key in its hardware, and therefore can be exploited using PS3Xploit or a hardware flasher.

Why can't certain consoles be downgraded to 3.55?

Every console leaves the factory with a "minimum downgrade praxis". This is a hardcoded number of the lowest possible firmware version the console can handle. Due to all CECH-30XX, Super Slims, and some CECH-25XX's leaving the factory with a minimum downgrade praxis above 3.56, they are unable to be downgraded to 3.55.

What about a minimum praxis of 3.56?

These consoles, usually being a CECH-25XX made between January to April 2011 (noted as a 1A date code in PAL countries), are a special exception. They can be flashed with a noFSM patch, either with a hardware flasher or PS3Xploit. Afterwords, they can have a 4.XX CFW installed. The key difference here is that you cannot install 3.55 firmware on it, or else it will be soft bricked. The reason for this special exception is that, although they came from the factory with 3.56 firmware, they still have old lowest level encryption key (metldr) in their hardware.

What is the future potential of the scene?

More emulators, better PS2 game compatibility than OFW, or even a completely new XMB could be developed.

What backups are supported?

Currently you can run PS3, PS2, PSX, and PSP natively on CFW and PS3HEN. More emulators can be downloaded to play older systems using RetroArch or stand-alone emulators.

I have a jailbroken console. What should I do first?

See this page for recommendations on what to install first.

What firmware should I get?

That's up to you. Research around and find what's most appealing to you. Check out this page for the names and links to the major firmware brands. The most popular are Rebug and Evilnat due to them supporting both CEX and DEX modes. Rebug has not been updated since 4.86, while Evilnat is actively being updated with new features.

Is there a reason to use significantly older CFW?

No. It's best to use the latest CFWs which include the latest features, and the latest stability patches from OFW. It is safer to play on PSN with updated firmware, as firmware updates can change how it connects to PSN.

I'm trying to update my firmware via USB, and it says it's missing/corrupted?

Ensure that the update is named PS3UPDAT.PUP and is placed on a flash drive formatted to fat32 in PS3\UPDATE. If you are attempting to install Rebug, and don't know exactly what firmware you are currently on, try both REX and D-REX versions, as D-REX is the same firmware but allows you to install it over DEX. If you're downgrading your firmware, be sure that the QA Flag is enabled. Verify the firmware's MD5 hash with this page.

Are there nightly builds of CFW?

For the most part, no. CFW is generally made, tested in public, then released after all models have been tested. There are some exceptions to this, like with private betas of Evilnat's custom firmwares.

What is Cobra/Mamba?

See this page for information about Cobra, and this page for information about Mamba.

How can I install apps, DLC, or PSN games (PKG files) on CFW/PS3HEN?

You can move package files to your console by either using FTP to place the file in /dev_hdd0/packages/, or by placing it on a flash drive. You can then install it using the Install Packages option on the XMB and selecting the corresponding folder. The app should then show up on the XMB in the respective column if it is meant to be launched. Keep in mind that if it is a DLC or PSN game, you will need to activate it using a RAP file and ReActPSN.

Where do I put my game backups (ISOs) on CFW/PS3HEN?

Each ISO type goes in the respective folder on the hard drive (dev_hdd0). You may need to create them first: PS3ISO, PS2ISO, PSXISO, PSPISO, BDISO, DVDISO. Extracted PS3 ISOs go in GAMES if on internal, and GAMEZ if on the network or external storage.

Can I play on PSN with a CFW console?

Yes, if you're using a current CFW or one that is spoofed to the latest OFW version. Keep in mind that it is risky and can get your account and console banned. More details can be found here.

Can Sony ban me for going on PSN with CFW?

Yes. Running any homebrew while on PSN, not preparing your console with apps such as PSNpatch, or modding on PSN can get you banned. More details can be found here.

Will reverting to official firmware make me safe?

By properly uninstalling all homebrew, clearing your system logs with PSNpatch, and then installing an OFW, there should be no problem. It's recommended to do a full format of your hard drive to remove any possible leftover homebrew files. You can also install the OFW update twice to overwrite your ROS1 hash, which is essentially a record of the last firmware installed. Be warned that if you played unreleased games and connect to PSN, they may ban you when your trophies sync.

Will keeping PSN signed out keep me safe?

Yes. If you plan on staying offline, you can disable PSN altogether to prevent accidental sign on.

Can you get banned for using the Internet while signed out of PSN?

No. It is perfectly safe to use No-PSN versions of apps and the Web Browser while connected to the Internet. If you plan on staying offline, you can disable PSN altogether to prevent accidental sign on, and still be able to use the Internet.

Is there a difference between folder format ("jb") and ISO format?

If the game is a 1:1 rip, it may be smaller in folder format. Folder format games also allow the flexibility of swapping out files at any time, which is useful for loading game mods. However, ISO format is required for the following games:

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts
  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
  • Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection

How can I update my games?

While connected to the Internet (and signed out of PSN), you can safely update by hovering over the game, press Triangle, and select Update. Alternatively, you can do the same from within MultiMAN.

What is the QA Flag?

The QA Flag is a setting that is enabled when a console is in the Quality Assurance stage before it leaves the factory. It allows access to Debug Settings. It also allows downgrading to a lower version of firmware without use of downgrader firmware. It can be enabled with Rebug Toolbox or the qa_toggle package.

What is an Optical Drive Emulator (ODE)?

An Optical Drive Emulator is a device that allows you to run game backups and homebrew on a PS3, without requiring a jailbroken console or Custom Firmware (CFW). Depending on the brand, it may support more models than CFW and may run on the latest OFW. See this page for more information.

Can you get banned by playing on PSN with an ODE?

There is always a chance that you may get banned by playing on PSN with unauthorized hardware. However, the chance of getting a ban is exceptionally lower than bans from using CFW. Be warned that playing an unreleased game and then syncing your trophies on PSN may result in a ban.

Are games region locked?

The only region locked games are "Joysound Dive" (Japan) and "Persona 4 Arena". It is rumored that "Way of the Samurai 3" is region locked on Slim consoles. Online services for games may be region locked regardless of the game's region.

Are power supplies region locked?

You should always check the back of your PS3 for the accepted voltages. However, most PS3s support both 110v and 220v, with the exception of some European CECHC and rare batches of late European slim consoles.

Debug Settings isn't showing up under the Settings column, why?

On CEX firmware, your PS3 must have the QA Flag enabled, which can be done with Rebug Toolbox or Evilnat settings.. From there, navigate to Settings → Network Settings and hover over the Network Settings icon. Press and hold L2 + L1 + R1 + R2 + L3 + DPAD-Down. This will enable the Debug Settings section.

I'm stuck in safe mode and using Restore File System or Rebuild Database freezes the system, what can I do?

Attempt to reinstall your CFW via system update in the recovery menu. If it does not work, try Rogero or Rebug downgrader firmwares (regardless if you are QA Flagged or not).

What do the letters mean in a Title ID?

That information can be found here.

Can I play my PS1/PS2 discs on the PS3?

While all retail models of the PS3 are backwards compatible with PS1 discs, the video quality can be noticeably different than when using PS1 or PS2 consoles. And will be different again compared to a 'PS1 classic' release of the same game.

PS2 discs can only be played on backwards-compatible PS3 consoles, however all PS3 consoles can dump a PS2 disc to the hard drive, which can be played instead.

Why are there multiple PS1/PS2 emulators?

For PS1, a different emulator exists for discs and for PS1 Classic games from PSN.

Emulator Introduced In Note
ps1_emu 1.00 OFW Emulator for running PS1 discs.
ps1_netemu 1.70 OFW Emulator for PS1 Classic games from PSN.
ps1_newemu 2.10 OFW ???

For PS2, different iterations of hardware required different emulators and offsets. PS2 ISO launchers may have options to use a different emulator. In general, model-specific emulators have much better compatibility and performance, and the PS2 compatibility list is based on the ps2_netemu.

Emulator Introduced In Note
ps2_emu 1.00 OFW For CECHA and CECHB, doesn't emulate Emotion Engine (CPU), RAMBUG, I/O Processor, or Graphics Synthesizer (GPU).
ps2_gxemu 1.50 OFW For CECHC and CECHE, doesn't emulate Graphics Synthesizer (GPU).
ps2_softemu 1.90 OFW First iteration of full software emulator - deprecated in 4.01 OFW.
ps2_netemu 3.60^? Emulator for PS2 Classics games from PSN.

What temperatures should my PS3 be at?

You can check your system temperatures by pressing Start+Select on the XMB or in-game XMB (if WebMAN is installed), or you can check it in MultiMAN. Your PS3 should fall at or below these temperature ranges:

  • Fat: 60-70°C idle / 65-75°C PS3 game / 70-80°C PS2 game
  • Slim: 55-65°C idle / 65-70°C PS3 game / 70-75°C PS2 game

If your system is above these temperatures and/or the console's fan runs too loud, try replacing your thermal paste and/or changing your fan settings with WebMAN.

Why hasn't _______ been ported to PS3?

Because of the Cell processor architecture, the PS3 is a strange console to develop for and makes porting code difficult. Often times, an entire re-write is required to port an app to the console. Specifically, an N64 emulator has not been finished because it requires a dynamic recompiling library (DynaRec) in order to work which would have to be written from scratch and require a massive amount of effort.

How can I dump or recover files from my PS3 to my PC?

You can use PS3:Transferring Files with FTP or hook your HDD up to your PC and use a method listed PS3:Recovering Data on this page.

I'm interested in developing for the PS3. Where can I start?

While this subreddit and Wiki is great for end-users, you are unlikely to find expert developer help here. You can see past and present research at the PS3 Devwiki, and get live help on the following IRC channels: #psdevwiki, #ps3dev, #psl1ght. PSL1GHT is a community-made open source SDK used to develop homebrew.

What resolutions does the PS3 output?

The PlayStation 3 can output 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p from it is component video and HDMI outputs.  The RGB signal will only output 480i and no other resolution!  As a note, 240p is not supported from any output.

How can I use my PS3 on a CRT display?

The easiest way to play PS3 on a CRT is via component video out.  Please note that most CRT's and RGB monitors only support 15KHz resolutions, meaning the only signal you would be able to output from a PS3 in that scenario is 480i.  Some CRT monitors can support 480p, 720p and 1080i as well.

If you have an RGB monitor that supports 720p and HD SDi, you can use an HDMI to HD SDi converter to play games in the highest quality on your monitor.  Most HDMI to HD-SDi converts are completely lag-free, as they only convert the signal between formats and do not use a framebuffer to change anything.

Please note that while RGB Monitors are always zero-lag, some consumer-grade "HD CRT's" actually add about two frames of lag due to their internal processing.  You would still get a "CRT look", but with about the same lag as your average flat-screen.

How can I remove Trend Micro web filtering from the browser?

Launch the PS3™ Internet browser, and press the △ button to open the menu, then choose Tools > Discontinue Browser Security > Trend Micro™ for PS3™.

Where can I keep up with news on development?

Some sites, in no particular order:


Term Definition
Custom Firmware (CFW) Firmware modified to add in extra features not present in original firmware (OFW).
Original Firmware (OFW) Stock firmware released by Sony.
Hybrid Firmware (HFW) Hybrid firmware released by the PS3Xploit team to include the WebKit version that was used in 4.82 in newer firmware packages, making exploitation of newer firmwares possible.
Modified Firmware (MFW) Personal custom firmware created using the MFW Builder. They provide an open framework for mods and plugins on the system and the running of unsigned code. It is recommended to stay away from MFW unless it is from a trusted source or yourself.
PS3 Homebrew Enabler (PS3HEN) An exploit for running homebrew on a PS3 without CFW. Mainly used for non-CFW compatible models.
Consumer Firmware (CEX) Retail system firmware; consumers like yourself buy CEX consoles in stores.
Developer Firmware (DEX) Debug system firmware; game developers use DEX consoles for making and testing games. In the past, you could only mod games on DEX firmware, but now it is possible on CEX as well. The only real benefit of using DEX is for legacy modding tools, connecting to developer PSN (sp-int) if Sony whitelists you, and certain features of PS3XPAD.
Ported Firmware (PEX) Evilnat-only firmware that must be installed over CEX firmware and allows swapping between CEX and DEX kernels.
Ported Firmware (D-PEX) Evilnat-only firmware that must be installed over DEX firmware, otherwise identical to PEX.
Rebug Firmware (REX) Rebug-only firmware that must be installed over CEX firmware and allows swapping between CEX and DEX kernels.
Rebug Firmware (D-REX) Rebug-only firmware that must be installed over DEX firmware, otherwise identical to REX.
Store Firmware (SEX) Shop/demo firmware used for store displays. In order to convert back to CEX, you must install a "kiosk reverter" firmware update. It is a limited version of CEX.
Arcade Firmware (GEX) Firmware for arcade systems; similar to SEX firmware, it has no purpose outside of being used in arcades. Under NO circumstances should you install GEX firmware, there are no known ways of reverting it back.
Tool Firmware (DECR) Firmware for DECR stations; only meant to be run on old DECR development stations which emulate various PS3 models for testing. Under NO circumstances should you attempt to install it on a PS3.
CID A Console ID (CID) is a community coined term to describe a PSID and IDPS together when bought or sold. They are used to unban consoles. Private CIDs are ones that have never been shared with anyone, and public CIDs are ones posted publicly and are prone to a quick banning.
CECH The start of PS3 model numbers, followed either by a single letter (for fat consoles) or by a four digit number (for slim and super slim consoles).
EDAT Encrypted data. This is data for a game or DLC which is often licensing information that locks C00 games or demos that contain the full game. LIC.EDAT is an old licensing system to use games made circa 2010 and earlier.
EE Emotion Engine chip. The PS2 CPU, which is found in early fat consoles.
GS Graphics Synthesizer chip. The PS2 GPU, which is found in early fat consoles.
HDCP High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection. A digital copy protection which prevents recording of the HDMI signal. Some capture cards and HDMI splitters can overcome this.
CELL BE CELL Broadband Engine chip. The PS3 CPU.
RSX Reality Synthesizer chip. The PS3 GPU.
IDPS A 32-character unique fingerprint for online tasks such as checking if your console is on the banned console list. This can be spoofed to another legitimate IDPS.
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) A popular form of real-time Internet text messaging (chat) or synchronous conferencing. It is mainly designed for group communication in discussion forums, called channels, but also allows one-to-one communication via private message as well as chat and data transfer (including file sharing).
Metldr/Metldr2 Metldr was the hardware-buried lowest level private encryption key that was figured out and made signing CFW possible. It was replaced with metldr2 in firmwares after 3.55, and in hardware starting around April, 2011 (datecode 1B).
Peek / Poke Peek is the generic term for a system call that lets you read a memory address. Poke is the the term for a syscall that lets you write to any memory address. They are required for backup managers to work properly. A userspace application can use these syscalls to dump out the entire memory space of the kernel, or patch the kernel as it is running.
PKG An installation file that can be run from the XMB to install software on the PS3.
PSID A 32-character unique fingerprint for offline tasks such as linking your console to HDD backups and game saves. This can be spoofed to another PSID.
RAP RAP files are a file used in conjunction with your PS3 and ReactPSN/PSNpatch to make RIF (license) files for games.
RIF RIF files are licenses specific to your PS3 that allow your user profile to play a PSN game or DLC.
RLOD/YLOD Red Light Of Death or Yellow Light of Death. Caused by hardware malfunction, often due to overheating.
RSOD Red Screen Of Death. Caused by software/firmware malfunction. Usually requires a reinstallation of firmware.
ROS0/ROS1 Checksums of your currently installed and last installed firmware. Installing a firmware will change whether ROS0 or ROS1 is active, and corruption in the inactive ROS is OK.
SEN / PSN Sony Entertainment Network, also known as the PlayStation Network (PSN) is the online PlayStation service.
Syscall An operating system function. There is a limited number of these which can be called from an application or game. Extra syscalls are added with CFW/PS3HEN to allow extra functionality, but access to these syscalls can be detected when on PSN.
Signing The process of setting a PKG file such that it appears to the PS3 as a normal, officially allowed package. All PSN games, updates, etc. are signed, and must be so for the PS3 to allow them to install.
XMB Xross Media Bar - Graphical Interface User designed as a cross. Used on the OS on PSX, PSP, and PS3 and other Sony Products.
nm Nanometer.
NoBD No Blu-Ray Disc. Some Custom Firmwares have additional "noBD" versions which allows them to be installed on systems with no functioning Blu-Ray Disc Drive.
NoBT No Bluetooth. Some Custom Firmwares have additional "noBT" versions which allows them to be installed on systems without functioning Bluetooth.