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This page will lead you through the basic setup of a CFW-capable console and /u/Derf_Jagged's recommendations of what to install.

Answers to common questions and word definitions can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

  1. Install the latest Rebug CFW.
    • Download it from here and install it.
    • Install the REX version if you are on CEX; Install the D-REX version if you are on DEX. If you are not sure, try REX first.
  2. Install Rebug Toolbox.
    • Browse to Package Manager → Install Package Files → PS3 System Storage → Rebug_Toolbox_xx.xx.xx.pkg.
  3. Enable the QA Flag.
    • Browse to the last column of Rebug Toolbox and select "Toggle QA Flag". This will allow you to install any firmware over your current one, in case something goes wrong.
  4. Dump your EID0_root_key and back it up to your PC.
    • Plug a flash drive into the rightmost USB port and launch Rebug Toolbox. In the last column select "Dump EID0_root_key" and it will back it up to your flash drive. This will let you access your hard drive files in the case that your PS3 dies.
    • In some cases, it will back up to your hard drive instead of your flash drive. If this happens, use Multiman's file manager to browse to /dev_hdd0/game/RBGTLBOX2/USRDIR/ and copy eid_root_key to your flash drive.
  5. Enable Cobra, Webman, and CFW Settings.
    • Launch Rebug Toolbox and enable Cobra and CFW Settings.
    • Install Webman and reboot.
  6. Download the following desired applications, place them on a USB flash drive, plug them into your PS3, and select Install Packages → Media Device, and choose each package.
    • For general file and game management: Multiman
    • For playing online: PSNPatch
    • For emulating non-PlayStation games: RetroArch
    • For activating PKG-based game backups: ReActPSN
    • For enabling game cheats: Artemis
    • For playing movies, PLEX, and video streamers: Movian
  7. If you want to mod games, see this page.
  8. If you want to play with an Xbox 360 / Xbox One / PS4 controller: PS3XPAD.
  9. If you want to child-proof your PS3: PS3 Lock.
  10. If you want to customize your background, see this page.
  11. If you want to customize your boot up animation and sound, see this page.