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This page will lead you through the basic setup of your console and /u/Derf_Jagged's recommendations of what to install. This list assumes that you have a freshly JTAG/RGH exploited console.

  1. If you have an early phat model, check the cooling improvements page for ideas to lower your system temperatures.
  2. Disable the eFuse Burning Circuit so that you never have to worry about accidentally updating your system with an official update.
  3. Save a backup dump of your NAND and KV info to somewhere safe if you don't already have one.
  4. Install XeXmenu.
  5. Install Aurora and set paths to scan for games. Keep XeXmenu installed as a backup.
  6. Install DashLaunch and:
    • Set default to your Aurora XEX so it loads Aurora on bootup.
    • Set X to boot to the Microsoft dashboard XEX (located in flash).
    • Block XBL if you don't plan on playing online.
  7. Modify your bootanim if you want to customize your boot up animation and sound.
  8. Install apps:
  9. If you want to mod games, install Xbox 360 Neighborhood and see this page for specific game mods.
  10. Set up LiNK and/or XLink Kai for system link play.